AC Nielson

A well-known company in consumer panels and surveys, AC Nielson gives clients a better understanding of their markets by providing opportunities for consumers to provide feedback about their shopping and media habits. Nielsen randomly selects households across the US to join in their TV and media panels and take surveys on their consumption.

The Nielson company will contact you in several different ways to invite you to be part of their varied consumer panels. You may be called on the telephone or visited in person by representatives from the company who are ready to sign you up to take paid  surveys and monitor your television watching habits. Also, Nielson sends out over a million paper television diaries (a daily log type survey) a year as well as many more introduction postcards. Nielson also has other types of consumer consumption programs including their “Homescan” program in which a handheld scanner is used to collect data on products being purchased and used within the family. Points are earned for this scanning process (which is transmitted to them over the phone or computer) as well as taking free surveys about their consumption.. Once points have accumulated in the account, they may be turned in for a variety of fun rewards and prizes.

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