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It’s Always Fun to Make Money

Fun surveys are a new job classification in which respondents to online paid surveys perform their assignments with enthusiasm and joy.  There has always been a perceived dichotomy between work and fun.  Work is perceived as something we are required to perform in order to exact a result that we seek.  In most instances, work results in financial compensation for the worker from those for whom the work is being performed.  Work is generally performed for an employer, but this is not necessarily the case all the time.  Work can also involve the performance, at home or elsewhere, of chores that we don’t like to do.  For some of us, work can be taking out the garbage or doing the dishes.  These chores have a connotation of work associated with them because the ingredient of pleasure in performing the task is non-existent.

There are jobs and chores that can have enjoyable aspects to them.  Athletes get paid millions of dollars for playing the same games they played for free as kids.  In the same vein, we are most happy in a job setting when we are performing duties that we enjoy.  Teachers are at the head of their class when they are doing what they enjoy most, and that is teaching.  People who bring an element of fun to their work have been proven to be happier in the performance of their duties and they are known to actually perform their job responsibilities in a more thorough and comprehensive manner.  As the Internet continues to be a source of employment for many, paid online surveys have become the market researchers’ greatest tool in order to extract public opinion on just about every topic under the sun, and fun surveys are the sharpest tool in the market researchers’ tool box.

Rewarding for Respondents

As market researchers turn to Internet paid online surveys websites to find the answers to their consumer feedback inquiries, fun surveys are being offered to respondents in an attempt to fill the void for reliable survey takers.  Fun surveys offer the respondents opportunities to augment their income while performing a meaningful and worth-while task.  Fun surveys can be educational and informative, and these fun surveys can deal with serious and trite matters, as well.

A few months ago, I participated in one of the online fun surveys provided by an online fun surveys website.  The subject was the use of illegal performance enhancing substances in professional sports.  While the topic was serious in nature, responding to the questionnaire was, for me, in the realm of responding to one of the fun surveys because I thoroughly enjoyed my job.  Because of my background, I was able to offer an insight into this matter that many others were not able to.  For me, the completion of fun surveys, such as the one on performance enhancing drugs, inspired me to enlist with several other websites that offer fun surveys for pay.  Of course, the matter has become more serious as the use of performance enhancing substances in professional sports in America has become a topic of national interest.  At this point, I am glad I had the opportunity to give my views through one of the fun surveys on the subject, before it became an issue that has piqued the attention of United States Department of Justice.

You can find fun surveys on the World Wide Web that you would enjoy completing no matter what your primary interests.  You can gain experience by signing up with a fun surveys website, and completing one of the fun surveys questionnaires.  As the topics and assignments become more detailed, your pay will also increase.  I know of one young mother who completes these fun surveys in between attending to the needs of her infant.  It is hard to find a job that will allow you to stay home and care for your child, and still make good money, but it is possible to do by participating in the fun surveys.  This mom believed that she would rather have her fun surveys eggs in more than one basket, so to speak.  Therefore, she is listed with a dozen paid online fun surveys websites from which she obtains fun surveys offers via e-mail on a daily basis.  Her philosophy, and it is a good one, is that the completion of many small fun surveys takes no more time than it does to complete a few of the larger and more encumbered fun surveys.

To this young lady, the bottom line in her account is of paramount importance, and it makes no difference to her if she does 40 small fun surveys in a week’s time or 5 larger fun surveys.  All she wants for her time and opinions is the good hard cash for completing the fun surveys from the comfort and convenience of her own home. As recording star Pink sings in her current smash hit: “I’m not here for your entertainment…Just give me the money.”  It’s a philosophy that has served many fun surveys respondents well, as the good hard cash keeps on rolling in, and the e-mails of additional fun surveys continue to be delivered to all fun surveys respondents.

Choose from a Multitude of Topics

Every person has a different set of personal preferences.  If you are going to complete fun surveys, then should try to do them on subject matter that you will enjoy most. Listed below are some of the fun surveys topics that have been distributed by paid online surveys websites in the first few months of this year:

•    Topics relating to clothing and accessories
•    Topics of cooking utensils
•    Topics on topics of coupons
•    Topics on topics of dinnerware
•    Topics on topics of smoke alarms in residential settings
•    Topics on topics of brands of dish detergent
•    Topics on topics of different brands of bubble gum
•    Topics on different ways of saving money on groceries
•    Topics on ranking our national holidays

As you can tell, these fun surveys run the gamut from grocery shopping opinions to national holiday recognition.  These fun surveys are extremely important to the survey makers because the consumer feedback will provide critical information concerning how the public views a certain topic.  At that point, these companies can adjust their presentations relative to the results they have obtained from the fun surveys respondents.

If you are interested in joining up with several of the online fun surveys websites, let me make a suggestion to you.  Set up an independent e-mail for yourself just for those notifications from the online fun surveys websites regarding offers of fun surveys for you to complete. You must realize that you are now working independently, and you need to keep track of your own accounts.  This would be a good way of separating your work documents from your private matters.


Select a Category That You Like

The Internet has become a marketing heaven for companies looking for feedback on their products and services.  The Internet provided the capability for the websites to capture the essence of the marketing focus by becoming paid online surveys centres.  The marketing companies saw the potential in the Internet as a recruiter for paid online surveys respondents and arranged a mutual collaboration with the paid online surveys website operators.  It has been a perfect marriage as the website operators, the market researchers, the business companies and the paid online surveys respondents have all financially benefitted from the arrangement.

The most important ingredient in the paid online surveys process is the paid online surveys respondent. The paid online surveys respondent can be found in any walk of life.  The paid online surveys respondent can be the office worker sitting in the office next to you during the day; the paid online surveys respondent can be the gentleman who home delivers the morning newspaper to you; the paid online surveys respondent can be the supermarket cashier who is so pleasant to you every time she sees you in the store; the paid online surveys respondent can be the gentleman who works the overnight factory shift, and is looking for some extra cash to pay for his daughter’s private high school tuition; the paid online surveys respondent can be a stay-at-home parent of either sex; the paid online surveys respondent may be a college student living at home; the paid online surveys respondent can be a college student who is attending school away from home; the paid online surveys respondent can be just about anyone looking to make some extra money, people like you and me.

There are paid online surveys available for you to begin your career.  There is really nothing to it, so there is no reason to feel intimidated at any point during the paid online surveys process.  The trick is to find a paid online surveys website that best fits your needs, and then to choose those paid online surveys that interest you.  In this way, you can make a positive impact by offering your insight in completing the paid online surveys.

Finding a Website Suitable For You

Paid online surveys have become the centre of marketing research over the past few years.  These firms have collaborated with paid online surveys websites to create a job market for paid online surveys respondents.

If you need extra cash and would like to get paid for giving your opinion, then paid online surveys are right up your alley.   How do you get started in this field?  The first step in starting your career in paid online surveys is to find a website that offers paid online surveys that you feel comfortable working.  These paid online surveys can be free or they can charge a small percentage commission for brokering the paid online surveys.  While the vast majority of these sites are legitimate enterprises, you will need to be sure that their guidelines and site regulations are made clear to you and in writing before you engage in undertaking any one of the paid online surveys.

There are hundreds of paid online surveys websites on the Internet, and many of them are a notch above the others in both the quality of the work they assign and the quality of their paid online surveys respondents.  You may need to research some of these paid online surveys websites before you sign up for paid online surveys.  You can check the quality of the jobs on the websites to see if they are offering quality work, or they seem to be just dealing in insignificant jobs.  Another way in which you can conduct research of the various websites is to join an interactive group site on the World Wide Web.  Search engines such as Google and Yahoo can lead you to interactive sites for discussion.  All you would have to do is join the group in which the key point of discussion is paid online surveys.  In these rooms, you can inquire from one of the visitors about which paid online surveys website they consider the best on the Internet.  You can also tell them that you are just starting your career as a paid online surveys respondent, and you could inquire whether there were advisements they could offer relative to the paid online surveys industry.

You might find some interesting conversation on these sites relative to the paid online surveys.  One of my initial insights into the paid online surveys came from a discussion on the interactive paid online surveys room.  A woman advised me to select those paid online surveys that really piqued my interest.  One such survey had to do with the steroid and HGH scandal in Major League baseball.  This survey was completed before the Roger Clemens controversy.  Since I played baseball on a high level a few years ago, I had a degree of familiarity with the topic.  I had seen first hand the physical demands that the game of baseball extracted from the players.  I was able to offer insights into the paid online surveys questionnaire the others could not contribute.  I was very pleased with my contributions and opinions on the paid online surveys on the Major Baseball League steroid and Human Growth Hormone scandal, and this interest combined with a successful initial venture gave me the confidence to try some other projects.

You can start your career in the area of paid online surveys on a moderate level, and then work your way up to the higher paying paid online surveys as you gain the necessary experience.  The beauty of paid online surveys is that there are no limitations put on you with respect to the number of paid online surveys you can participate in.  In like manner, you are not limited to the number of paid online surveys websites that you can enlist with and work for.  This has an important significance for those of you who want to work on a full-time basis.  There are no restrictions regarding the number of hours you can work in a week’s time, nor are there limitations on the amount of money you can make.  Please keep in mind that you are an independent agent and, as such, you need to keep track of your own earnings and pay taxes to the appropriate sources according to your earnings.


Be Careful What You Ask For

The market research experts around the country have found the solution to their issues by enlisting the services of paid online surveys for consumer feedback.  The marketing companies have been searching for reliable sources to test market their products and services, and they have discovered that the Internet has all the provisions to make it work through paid online surveys.  The paid online surveys are the solution to the marketing dilemma because each party involved in the paid online surveys process has a financial reward awaiting them at the completion of every one of the paid online surveys.

The website operators who oversee the paid online surveys have found that the groups who are most willing to participate in the paid online surveys are the following:

•    Group #1----- Young moms with young children
•    Group #2----- Retirees, both male and female
•    Group #3----- Stay-at-home dads
•    Group #4----- Single men and women
•    Group #5----- Unemployed men and women
•    Group #6----- Undergraduate and graduate students

The student group is the fastest growing sector of the paid online surveys sector of the paid online surveys field.

Students Take Note

The students of today have it rough, sort of anyway.  They work on their studies all week and they want to relax on the weekends.  Now, that doesn’t sound too strenuous, but the latter is a tough thing to pull off without the funds to do so.  Therefore, almost all students need to supplement their income with some kind of part-time employment.  If the students commute from home to college, they are saving the room and board fees.  However, Mom and Dad may insist that their son or daughter make a financial contribution to the household.

In the case of students who live away at college, part-time employment is virtually a necessity.  The students are limited by time restrictions as to the type of part-time employment that they can secure.  In addition, there are just not enough part-time jobs to satisfy the demand for them on the part of college students.

The college students of today have been weaned on the Internet, and they have a tremendous amount of confidence in its technology as well as its programs.  Therefore, it is no great surprise that paid online surveys website operators are more than happy to enlist the services of college students as paid online surveys respondents.  The paid online surveys website operators are assured that the college students have the mental ability to handle the paid online surveys, and the students also have the technological knowledge of the Internet in order to follow the paid online surveys instructions implicitly.  So, the college students are in great demand as paid online surveys respondents, and more and more of them are signing up with paid online surveys websites each month as word of mouth spreads.

Ask a Kid a Question

Initially, the students who served as paid online surveys respondents were requested to participate in mundane paid online surveys, such as laundry detergent and kitchen cleaning product comparisons. These responses to rather ordinary paid online surveys suited the needs of all parties concerned, but the subject matter of the paid online services was really not challenging the abilities of the students.

Then, a light bulb went off and the website operators matched the paid online surveys questions to the college life that the students were experiencing.  Now, young people can be very direct at times, and that is what you want to see in paid online surveys in which the information extracted is critical to product and service adjustments that must be made. Consequently, a few months ago, the students were given one of the paid online surveys relating to college life, and over 1000 students responded with answers to the paid online surveys questionnaire.   Some of the paid online surveys questions were as follows:

1.    Are college administrators overpaid?
2.    Should schools provide opportunities for jobs?
3.    Were you offered a scholarship opportunity?
4.    Do you presently have a part-time job?
5.    Do you presently have a student loan?
6.    Do you go away to college?
7.    Do you commute from your home to college?
8.    Do you cheat on exams in college?

It was the overwhelming response to the paid online surveys question No. 8 that provoked the most interest on the part of the testing company.  The testing company had a good idea of how the college students would respond to the majority of the questions, but the test administrators were dumbstruck by the students’ honesty in the paid online responses to question No. 8.

One Good Act Deserves Another

The testing company simply could not resist the temptation of following up the paid online surveys student answers to question No. 8 with another paid online surveys questionnaire to the same corps of students.  This time, the questions centered on the cheating aspect of college life with regard to their exams and papers.  The testing company wanted to learn more from the students in this regard and, through the paid online surveys response, they certainly got their wish.

The testing company was astonished with the results of the paid online surveys responses.  The students admitted they used the modern technological advances of their generation to their advantage in order to cheat in school.  In our day, we all remember people who secreted gyp notes in their shirt sleeves, or in the palm of their hands.  I remember one time in school that we had a math final proctored by a lady who was a quadriplegic and could not readily turn her head.  Granted, your prayers can’t always be answered in quite this fashion, but the testing company representatives were shocked by the way modern technology was utilized by a great number of students in order to cheat in school.

These students admitted using cell phones, calculators and other electronic devices to assist them at exam time.  Some students even turned the labels of soda bottles into Adobe Photoshops where study guides can be secreted.  The results showed that about one in every five students cheated on exams, while over 50% cheated in one way or another in written assignments.  The students who cheated felt that it was justifiable because of the ethical issues and concerns that are portrayed in the newspapers every day.

The beauty of paid online surveys is that when you ask a simple question, you may not get a simple response.