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Pass or Fail: Survey Screener

Unlike taking a test in school, there is no studying beforehand for a survey screener. A survey screener is a brief questionnaire that inquires about various demographic issues as well as issues about the general category of product or service at hand. The results of the survey screener are used to help survey companies decide who is the most qualified or appropriate pool of people to recruit to take a longer paid survey. If you “pass” the screener, then you’ll be invited to the longer paid survey; if you “fail” the screener, you’ll have to wait for a better fitting paid survey. The more matched up the individuals is in areas such as lifestyle, hobbies, and profession to the interests of the client company, the more useful the data gathered will be. For example, men taking online surveys about feminine hygiene products would not turn out usable results for a manufacturer of those products. In the same light, opinions about pet products, baby food, and asthma medication are not really valid to companies unless you have one of these “conditions”.

When you are taking survey screeners, do not try to embellish your answers or “fib” a response to fit what you “think” the client wants to hear. In the long run, this will hurt everyone. Companies will not have sound data on which to base important product development decisions. Therefore, the wrong products will hit the store shelves and consumers will be ultimately dissatisfied. And, if you’ve ever purchased a service or product, you are a consumer too! Also, most survey screeners ask you if you work in the advertising or marketing industry. Many people think that by marking “yes”, they will get invited to the full paid survey. Quite the opposite, most paid surveys do not want individuals who are associated with the marketing industry at all. It is the same philosophy as courts usually disqualifying attorneys to sit on a jury – they just know too much about the inner workings of the system and may have preconceived biases. The best advice about taking survey screeners is just to be as honest about your personal information as possible; even if you don’t get chosen to take the longer paid survey, many survey companies give “perks” for taking the screener – like an automatic sweepstakes entry.


Taking Surveys Can Beef Up Your Resume


Many people who have been laid off from work, are in between jobs or are even ramping up to look for their first “real” job, take paid online surveys as a way to earn extra cash. Taking paid surveys is a legitimate way to earn money and, in my opinion, can even be considered a home business. So, if you are looking to enter or re-enter the work field, why not list the skills used taking paid surveys on your job resume! It is a good way to beef up your experience and show that your time at home has been spent in a productive manner that requires many skills valued by today’s workplace.

The first matter at hand is what job title to give yourself; “Independent Survey Respondent”, “Focus Group Contributor”, or “Freelance Information Disseminator” are all ideas, but feel free to come up with something more fitting and descriptive for your duties. Next, you will want to list the skills acquired and used during your time spent taking online surveys and participating in focus groups. On the technical side, this could include describing the types of applications you use and could go something like “versed in using various web browser interfaces and email programs, conducting wireless financial transactions, gathering and sharing information through various social networking venues”. You also may like to go into detail about one specific skill that you would like to spotlight like “wrote subjective text to be used in marketing and product development decisions” or “evaluated products and services and made recommendations about usability”. People that have experience in focus groups may even like to list the skill of public speaking, negotiation or conflict resolution as a skill on their resume.

Also, on your resume, you will want to capture the timeline of dates that you have been participating in paid surveys. Also, if possible, provide a listing of the companies that you have been providing your survey taking skills. You don’t need to list every web site you’ve ever registered with, but do list some of the bigger survey sites that you have received projects from. Hopefully, listing your experience taking surveys will help you land that full-time job you’ve been dreaming of – and you can still keep taking paid online surveys in your free time to earn extra pocket money.


Survey Tip: Don’t Ignore the Underdog


Many folks who take paid surveys in their spare time fall prey to what I call “Ignoring the Underdog”. In this case, the underdog is the smaller, newer or less popular survey company that often falls off the radar of many survey takers but yet still offers decent rewards. It makes logical sense that this is the type of company you want to keep in your list of client companies. Without thousands or even millions of members vying to receive coveted survey invitations, you stand a much better chance of getting picked. I’ve experienced this first hand as a member of several new sites that religiously gave me great surveys to take with awesome pay and merchandise as rewards. As time passed, my bread-and-butter survey sites started growing their member base and receiving national attention on morning new shows, blogs and other media. And you can guess what happened; with a huge influx of new members, it became harder and harder to get a survey invitation among the masses of hopefuls.

The “playing the odds” logic also applies to the many sweepstakes being offered by smaller companies that offer paid surveys. For example, if a large company is offering a big prize just for taking a “screener” they may have 300,000 responders or more – but only one prize. But a smaller company might hypothetically only send out 30,000 screeners with one prize making your odds for winning ten times greater! This is not to say that you should take the larger, more popular survey sites out of your survey queue. Large survey sites are still an important element of your overall earning capacity through paid surveys. Just make sure you are not ignoring the “underdog” if you want to improve your chances of a big pay off! These survey companies have a bigger bark than you might think!


Earn Extra Money for the Holidays with Paid Surveys

Signing up to take paid surveys online is a great way to earn some extra cash for the holidays. Everyone knows that the winter season can be a big drain on your pocket book; oodles of presents for the kids, bigger gas bills, charity donations and expenses for parties. The supplemental money and even potential prizes acquired through paid online surveys will make your holiday season better and brighter! Plus, you’ll have the rewards of a part-time job without having to sacrifice time with your family and friends.

Even though this time of year can be quite hectic and filled with obligations, you can still manage to carve out a few minutes per day to take surveys online. Once you have registered with a number of survey companies through a database resource such as, you will have a steady stream of survey invitations arriving in your email inbox. It is best to sign up a few months in advance so that you will have ample time to earn money and prizes through paid online surveys. But, even if you have waited until December, there is still time to voice your opinions on new paid surveys and earn money that will arrive in time to pay your credit card bills.

Some survey sites offer honest-to-goodness cash that can be transferred right into your Paypal account and then spent at a variety of merchants on the products and service you choose. Other paid survey sites offer reward point incentives that allow you to accrue points that can later be turned in for the day’s latest high-tech gadgets, gift certificates to top shops, music and movie downloads and more. If you let you points gather up all year, you’ll have a nice amount to work with come the holidays. It’s almost like a free shopping spree!


Three Steps to Increasing Survey Invitations

More and more people are making extra cash taking paid surveys in their free time from the comfort of their own homes, offices and even hand held wireless devices. If you want to make a successful spare-time job of taking paid online surveys, you need to follow a few simple steps. There are three important things to tend to when embarking on the “survey adventure” and that is to register with plenty of companies, be patient, and keep taking action.

The first step you’ll need to take is the join as many legitimate companies as you can that offer paid surveys. A safe way to seek out these opportunities is through an online resource such as that collects, researches and verifies that various survey sites that are out there. The ability to search through a database like this helps you save time and make the best choices for yourself based on your home country, age and interests. It only makes logical sense that the more paid survey companies that you register with, the more survey invitations you’ll receive – and the more rewards you’ll reap.

The second thing to remember for a successful paid survey “career” is to be patient. Sometimes good things come slowly. Although you may have busily signed up with every survey companies you could find, it takes a while for your profile to be matched to the surveys that best fit you. Also, be aware that while some paid survey companies offer several new surveys a week, other companies only have a new project every month or every year. But if you have registered and are checking your emails frequently, you’ll never miss a chance to take surveys for money.

This leads me to the third step to taking paid surveys with good results – keep it up! Don’t get lazy or bored and stop responding to invitations to take surveys. Often, if you refuse a survey invitation frequently enough, that company will remove you from their panel. Not responding to a survey invitation or screener is like saying you really want the job, but then not showing up on the first day. Occasional lapses are overlooked because survey companies know that not everyone can always meet the deadlines for a paid survey. But, if ignoring or bailing out on a paid survey is a common occurrence, you will notice a direct correlation to how many you skip and how many future invites you get.


Can I Get Rich Taking Paid Surveys?

Okay, now that I have your attention, I want to point out that any online survey company that makes this claim that you can “get rich” is probably yanking your chain, messing with your head, and giving you a false pipe dream. Is there is a possibility that you could win a large cash prize by one of the survey sponsors that offers sweepstakes – Yes. But, keep in mind that only a handful of people will ever have this kind of luck. However, don’t get discouraged; even if you aren’t “getting rich quick”, you can still make decent supplemental income by taking paid surveys. While you won’t want to quit your day job if you have one, participating in paid online surveys and focus groups can earn you extra pocket cash that be used to stretch the budget or treat yourself to a few of life’s little luxuries.

Without naming names of specific survey sites, it seems that a common compensation amount for taking a short online survey ranges from $2 - $5 dollars. Keep in mind that most of these free online surveys are fairly short and can be completed in about 15 minutes or less. Hypothetically, if you sign up with a dozen or more companies and take one survey per week through each, you could be earning a couple hundred dollars a month! That could pay off part of your student loans, put some groceries in the fridge, pay for a night out on the town or fund your daily Starbucks coffee habit. When you look at the compounded earnings earned through paid surveys, it no longer looks like chump change! Signing up for focus groups that are conducting in-person can pay off even more substantially.

Once you start registering for various survey sites, you’ll notice that some to not pay out in cash, but instead use their own systems of reward points. Don’t shy away from these opportunities to earn some great merchandise. Over the course of the year, take these types of surveys, let the points accumulate in your various accounts and then when the holidays roll around, it’s like a free shopping spree. Most survey sites let you redeem the points for a range of exciting stuff you’d buy outright yourself, like gift certificates, iPods, and movie tickets and more.


Searching for Paid Surveys the Easy Way

Many people interested in taking paid online surveys don’t even know where to begin. Part of the hesitancy in taking paid surveys is not being able to find quality online surveys that pay well, are interesting to take and maintain your privacy. Words like “scam” and “spam” are sometimes, unfortunately, linked to the idea of taking paid surveys. Only a few bad apples can spoil the proverbial bushel. The good news is that using a free resource like, is a time-saving way to find many great and safe choices in paid online surveys.

You could type in a query to the Google or Yahoo! search bar, but you’ll find that the word “survey” pulls up more than 60 million results. Even advanced searches such as “online + survey” and “paid + surveys” can yield hundreds of thousands results, way to many to weed through. Plus, even the results that show up on the first few pages of results may not be legitimate survey sites; rather unrelated businesses or “spammy” companies bumping up their rankings up under the guise of a credential survey site. Who has time for this – not us!

At Survey Adventure, you have free access to a 1,000 plus marketing research firms, academic institutions and in-house corporate departments around the world. These organizations offer honest-to-goodness paid surveys that are risk-free, cost-free and always rewarding. Quickly, you’ll be able to search through your various options to take surveys online; search by the first letter of the survey if you know the name or click on the specific country links to see what surveys are being offered in your part of the planet. You can even see a listing of some of the most popular online survey companies today; there may be a good reason why these paid surveys are a hit with other respondents – check it out today!


Befriend Paypal and Make More Money

Usually the only requirements for participating in online surveys is a willingness to share your opinions, a computer that you can use at home or the office, access to the Internet and an email account. However, in this new day and age, some providers of paid surveys like to provide cash compensation in the form of an electronic fund transfer rather than sending an “old-fashioned” check. Receiving your payments from cash surveys into an online account is a convenient way for you to rack up money without even having to drive to the bank. More and more providers of paid online surveys are moving away from sending checks through the postal mail which can be expensive (think envelopes, printers, stamps, staff) and time-consuming (think snail mail). But funding electronically is typically free for the sender and allows the receiver to instantly have money in their account in mere minutes – no more anticipation on what day your check arrives in the mail box!

In terms of paid online surveys, is the primary choice in sending and receiving money through the Internet. After you take surveys that cash out through, you will receive an email notifying you of a payment- “you have money”! You can keep your money earned from paid surveys in your account and accrue a nominal amount of interest. Or, you can transfer your money to another bank account or have a check sent to your home when desired. Also, you can use your Paypal funds to send money to other people or make purchases at select merchants. By signing up for a free account, you open up the number of paid survey sites that you are eligible to join. So, make online surveys pay off in a “quick” way by signing up through Paypal today.


Roboform Rocks

I hate to get all giddy about computer stuff, but Roboform is automatically awesome in my book - it totally rocks. I’ve been using this little auto-fill program for years and it has saved me countless hours of typing in my name, address, phone number and other contact information over and over again. You can use it to make signing up for a variety of paid online surveys found through com a total breeze. I also use it to enter contests and sweepstakes as well as fill out my shipping information when I make online purchases.

To use Roboform for completing registration forms found on online surveys, you just hit a button installed in your toolbar with your “identity”. Your “identity” is basically just a personal profile with as much or as little information as you would like it to contain. You can make an identity for yourself as well as for the other members in your family. Once you have hit your identity button, Roboform starts automatically filling in your information on the web page form in the blink of an eye. After Roboform auto-fills, you have the option to come back and manually edit before hitting the submit button. Roboform also has other features that are useful in taking paid surveys; for example, it memorizes the web addresses of the forms you have filled and securely stores your passwords so you don’t even have to type in your private log-in information.

Time saved is money earned in my opinion, and Roboform helps me power through my cash surveys for the day in no time at all. While I still pay careful attention to each question asked on these paid surveys and mark each with a thoughtful response, the mundane task of typing out my contact information over and over is a thing of the past. If you want to step up your paid survey taking, check out Roboform today. There is a free version of Roboform that doesn’t track you with spyware and work on most Windows-based internet browsers including Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox.


Separate Email Accounts for Online Surveys

Taking paid surveys is a great way to earn extra money in your spare time; you get to tell companies around the world what you think of their products and services and in return, you get rewarded with cash or the chance to earn or win some equally cool prizes. Really, the only drawback of taking paid online surveys is the occasional survey site that requires you to “opt-in” to receive their electronic newsletters or share your information with third-party partners (this is why we recommend reading the privacy policies of each survey site that your sign up with). There is nothing at all wrong with receiving these emails, they actually are quite beneficial too keep you in the loop about upcoming market research and cash survey opportunities. However, it can be very helpful to set up a separate email address specifically used for staying organized and managing your online survey “business”.

By maintaining a separate email address for your online surveys, you will keep your personal mail free from clutter and will have a stand-alone account specifically for conducting business. Check with your internet provider; often standard packages for internet access also includes data storages space and a certain number of “free” emails – many people don’t even know this! If your provider does not have this option, you can register at one of the many free resources for email. Google’s gmail and Yahoo! mail are two of the most popular free email address providers, although there are many other options if you surf around. Once you have the new email address set up, head to and sign up for the online survey sites that interest you using your new contact information. Using your new email address as your primary point of contact with survey sites is the perfect way to manage your way through the array of paid online surveys. If you are feeling really organized, you can create a classification system for your paid surveys by creating new folders for each account; drag and drop the correspondence from the appropriate survey provider into the corresponding folder. Log on to your new email account daily to check for paid online survey invitations, special announcements, payment notifications and more!