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Scam Proof Yourself

 While it might sound cliché, the phrase “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is often spot on when it comes to paid online surveys. While, all in all, the business of online surveys is legit, there are always a few rotten fish in the pot that stink up the whole experience for everyone. And, typically these are the same survey sites making the boastful claims that you can make a very lucrative living, earn enough to retire on, or become filthy rich just by taking surveys online. Let’s get real! No one is going to be able to turn in a resignation at the office and enjoy days of endless leisure just by answering a few survey questions. Those survey sites that promise you the moon on a silver platter are most likely taking you for a fool.

 This being said, you can still have a productive and rewarding experience taking online surveys because the majority of survey sites are honest, well-respected organizations such as market research firms, in-house marketing departments and educational institutions looking for your candid feedback to help them make important decisions.  An online survey database, like, is a quick and easy way to find cash surveys that are legit. However, for the folks who like to sniff out the details of a survey provider’s reputation on their own, there are several good tips to keep in mind.

 Read the fine print. If you are unsure of a paid survey site’s claims, read the “fine print” to find out all of the legal details. Often this information in the legal documents will contradict the dog and pony show on the website. If anything is vague, questionable, or just rubs you the wrong way, do not sign up to participate. Also, check out the company’s contact information and look for several ways to contact them including email, phone and physical mailing address. Avoid survey sites that only list an email or post office box as their primary form of contact as this is an indicator of companies that run paid survey scams.

 Check with the BBB and other scam resources. When in doubt, or just to be extra safe, check the local Better Business Bureau for complaints filed against the owner of the survey site you are considering. The FTC and Internet Fraud Complain Center are other potential avenues for your investigation. If your search yields no complaints, that is a good sign. However, it is still possible that a consumer did have a problem with the specific company but did not file a complaint for a number of reasons including embarrassment, apathy, or plain just not knowing their recourses for complaint. There are also scam forums that may or may not be helpful, so proceed with caution. Some of these forums have legitimate testimonials by real participants of paid surveys and others have fake “positive” postings that are paid for by the survey site itself.


Foodies Dream – Get Paid To Eat Out

blog diningImagine sitting down for a great meal that includes appetizers and drinks, the main course and even dessert and not having to pay a single dime when it is all said and done! There are many opportunities in larger cities to be a restaurant mystery shopper that actually make it possible to eat well and get paid or break even at the same time. From casual family-friendly restaurant chains to fine dining establishments and even coffee houses and ice cream shops, you’ll get to please your palate without putting any stress on the pocketbook.

 While you do get to eat “on the house” as a restaurant mystery diner, the feasting does not without a little bit of work – although we’d hardly call it drudgery.  Primarily, you will be asked to observe and record many quantifiable as well as qualitative factors during your dining experience that will later be submitted on a mail-in, telephone or online survey. These questions could include everything from subjective questions like the overall ambiance, server-friendliness and food quality to precisely measurable factors like how long did it take your food to arrive, were your complementary items (like  bread, chips, water) refreshed, and did the server suggest a dessert after the meal.

 Typically, so that you remain “incognito” during your restaurant visit, you are asked to pay for your meal as if you were a regular customer and then submit your receipts for reimbursement. After you have filled out the paid surveys to the satisfaction of the mystery shopping agency, you will then be sent your dining refund plus and other incentive that was offered. Becoming a mystery shopper for the restaurant industry is a fantastic way for frugal folks to enjoy a night on the town without breaking the bank. However, do remember that this is a job and the number one priority of mystery shopping in dining establishments is secretly collecting the data that the client company is looking for. As long as you keep this in mind, don’t blow your cover and fill out your paid online survey on time, you’ll likely be tasting your way through town without having to work off your meal by washing dishes all night!


Finally, Playing Video Games Pays

blog videoWhat’s better than playing video games? That’s an easy answer; playing video games and making money or earning awesome prizes for your time and feedback. Taking paid surveys on “all things video games” is a gamer’s dream come true, finally you can say all those hours in front of a screen are paying off! There are a number of survey sites that you can find through that will provide you the opportunity to influence the video gaming industry with your candid feedback. 

 When you sign up to take surveys on video games you’ll never be bored. Some of the topic areas could include video game genres, video game play, video game systems, multimedia entertainment, Internet gaming, new product development and more. Many times you will be sent a product to test at home or occasionally be invited to come into a focus group facility to participate in an interactive forum.  With your feedback, you can help developers and marketers create video games that will ultimately benefit the end user, including you and your friends. Use your experience as a gamer to help everyone; we’ve given you a few leads from to help get you started.

 Game Crew:  Video game enthusiasts can share opinions about video gaming systems, the latest games and accessories through online surveys. The video game industry is always changing and executives count on the feedback from fans like you to keep them on the cutting edge.

 Game Pro Reader Panel:  Help leading technology companies develop new products and services that will appeal to gamers like you. Share your experience as a user of video games who understands the nuances and intricacies of various genres, skills and formats of this popular form of entertainment.

 Gamer’s Instinct: You’ll have the real-time opportunity to express your opinion on gaming related topics at Gamer’s Instinct. Help drive strategic decisions in what products to develop by sharing your valued feedback and insights.


Make Money On The Go With Mobile Surveys

blog phoneMobile market research is quickly becoming a very efficient way to collect information within certain demographic groups. Lightspeed Research, a well-known market research provider, conducted a program in 2007 that showed that the 16 to 24 year old age group has the highest response rate and speediest completion time of free surveys administered through mobile phones. The higher the age demographic, the lower interest in these kinds of free surveys; for example, individuals over age 55 had a response rate of just 17%.

If you know a young adult in this demographic group (or are one yourself), you know that a cell phone is the one piece of technology that is carried at all times. Because this group does not leave home without a mobile communication device and checks incoming messages constantly, it stands to reason that when notifications for paid surveys come over, they will be responded to quickly. Very quickly indeed; Lightspeed reports that 45% of participants responded within just ½ hour of receiving a survey notification and 85% responded within 24 hours.

Additionally, there were interesting findings about the completion rate from this Lightspeed research on mobile surveys. It was reported that the younger age “under 25” age had a 14% incompletion rate (meaning that they started the online survey, but didn’t finish). However, in the “over 55” age group, this number was much higher at 47% which perhaps points to the fact that the older folks were less comfortable with the format. Another interesting fact is that respondents with unlimited monthly plans were more likely to respond that those with pre-paid, limited access.

Since several years have passed since this study and the popularity of cell phones, smart phones, wireless devices and other high-tech gear continues to blossom, it is fair to assume that all age groups are becoming more and more comfortable with the format as the markets become saturated. If your are “addicted” to your mobile phone and are interested in sharing your opinions and making a few bucks in the process, search through SurveyAdventure to find a number of legitimate survey sites that send paid surveys straight to your cell phone.


Get Some Green This St. Paddy’s Day

Taking paid surveys is a good way to ensure you won’t be pinched this St. Patrick’s Day! Be rewarded with lots of green (green cash, this is!) when you share your opinions and ideas on simple and fun-to-take paid surveys. When you are sporting green in any form or fashion, including the dollars in your wallet, you’ll be preventing the requisite pinch that all the non-green wearing folks receive on St. Patrick’s Day. Legend says this tradition about pinching started when St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. Therefore, you are not honoring this patron saint and the Emerald Isle by snubbing green on St. Patrick’s Day; and, as a punishment, you may just get a pinch symbolic of a snake bite.

Around this season, you might find paid online surveys that ask you your opinion about St. Patrick’s Day. We found results from a 2009 survey administered by the National Retail Federations “Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey” that 44% of respondents plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and 56% had no plans to do so. Of those partying for Paddy, the 25 – 34 year-old age group spends the most money, with an average of $39.42 per person. Of the respondents of the cash survey, 82% planed to wear green, 17% planned to attend a private party, 30% planned to celebrate at a bar and 33% planned to make a special meal at home.

All this type of information is not only interesting to fact-loving people like myself, but is invaluable to managers and buyers at stores, restaurants and other establishments that cater to the holiday. Based on the answers of respondents on these online surveys, business executives can make important decisions that ultimately affect you, the end user. Typically, as a sincere thanks for your time, paid surveys will often reimburse you with cash, prizes or other remuneration. You don’t need a lucky four-leaf clover to start taking surveys, simply sign up for many lucrative opportunities through a free database of survey sites such as Survey Adventure.


Teenagers Wanted for Online Surveys

blog teenTeens make up an important part of the marketplace, and we should think so since the last US Census in 200 reports that there are anywhere from 25 and 28 million people in America aged 13 – 19 years of age. Power in numbers, this is why leading companies around the country want to hear what young adults have to say about many topics. From entertainment like music and movies to heavier topics like education and relationships, teenagers have plenty of opportunities to speak out and be heard.

 A good number of survey sites online only offer paid surveys for adults aged 18 or older. But, if you dig deeper and search through a free database like Survey Adventure, you’ll find great surveys meant just for teens.  Some good survey sites to start with are SurveyHead, Mindfield Online, MySurvey, GlobalTestMaret, and SurveySavvy. Typically open to young adults aged 13 years and up, these survey sites are eager to hear your feedback about their products and services. By law, children need to be 13 years or older for companies to collect any personally identifiable information directly from them. If you are a parent and have any concerns, please click the privacy policy of the survey site that your teen is considering for membership.

 In addition to free surveys, you may even get the chance to test out new products for free that are of interest to teens. Companies realize that they can get really valuable information by sending free samples and then following up with an online survey requesting information about the user’s experiences. Everyone wins, the teen participants get to try cool new products before they are offered to the general population and companies get feedback about how to make any needed improvements. We’ve seen all sorts of great product sampling for teens in the past including makeup and hair products, clothing and athletic shoes, music and magazines and more!


Market Research Big Business

blog graphEvery year, Big Business in the United States spends tons of money on market research and public opinion polling --- to the tune of $6.8 billion dollars in 2005 according to Inside Research, the bible of marketing research professionals. While on a global level, these numbers grow to $18.9 billion dollars, it is clear to see what a big part of the American business cycle market research has become. Companies want to know that they are directing their resources and efforts in a way that is going to pay off with the end users, their consumers. In 2005, the annual estimate of $6,780,000 was spent in the following ways (reported as a % of the total):

29.9% Market Measurement  

21.6% Media Audience Research

8.8%    Stakeholder Measurement

8.2%    Market Modeling

7.1%    New Product / Service Development

4.8%    Usage & Attitude Studies

5.5%    Advertising & Brand Tracking

3.4%    Qualitative / Focus Groups

3.4%    Advertising Pre-Testing

2.7%    Business-to-Business Studies

0.9%    Omnibus / Shared Cost Surveys

0.6%    Opinion Research Polling

4.0%    All Other

Signing up to take surveys is a great way to have a direct influence in this huge part of the business world. Major corporations want to are want to hear your attitudes and opinions of a variety of issues, especially thoughts about any products or services they have in the works.  Your honest feedback can help the executives involved in the product development or advertising divisions of business make improvements that make sense economically and improve usability and name recognition.

If you have a couple hours to spare each week, join a free database of survey sites, such as Survey Adventure, surf the listings of trustworthy survey suites, and register for the projects that interest you. Most administrators of online surveys typically send invitations to participate in various paid online surveys through email and then you can accept and complete the work in your free time. Perks vary from company to company and job to job; most participants find that taking surveys online is an easy and fun way to make extra income.


Survey Spotlight: NPD Online Research Group

blog npdWhen we ask people who take surveys who their favorite online survey provider is, very often we get “NPD Online Research Group” as a response. This large market research company has been around since 1967 and over the years has gained a very trustworthy reputation. As a member of their noted panel, your opinions will be valued and used to help improve products, services, websites and more. And, of course, the perks at NPD Online Research Group make it worth your while!

 One of the first perks you’ll be exposed to after signing up for this safe, confidential survey site is the opportunity to win $1,000 just for registering. Someone always wins these sweepstakes; why not give it a chance to be you. Residents of the United States also will be enrolled in the SweepLand program which is designed strictly for NPD Online Research panelists. For each paid survey completes, participants are rewarded with one entry into the sweepstake of choice – trips, electronics, and other exciting merchandise. Additionally, for each online paid survey finished participants are in the running for another $1,000. Panelists living outside the US also receive great rewards including a daily draw for $100, monthly draw for $1,000 and quarterly draw for $5,000. Regardless of where you live, increase your odds by taking more surveys.

 Referring friends is another way to make money at this survey provider. Via the web site, you can send emails to family, friends and co-workers who you think may be interested in taking free surveys online.  Embedded in your emails are unique URLs that let NPD Research Online track back those who join so that you will get all the credit.  For each person you get to officially join and complete the member profile, you will be entered into a drawing to win $1,000.

 Each day when you log onto this great choice in survey sites, check out the fun and interactive polls designed for your entertainment and information.  The “Quiz Whiz” offers topical-based trivia for your enjoyment. Questions are usually very timely, for example, yesterday’s question was about Oscar history, fitting since the Academy Awards are this weekend. The “Click and Pick” section, also featured on the front page, is a fun way to see how your opinions, interests and activities stack up against others across the world. After answering a short multiple choice poll on the daily topic, you’ll get to see the poll results immediately after hitting submit.


Help Others Through Online Surveys

Have you been sitting behind the computer screen gratuitously surfing the internet, chatting mindlessly with people you don’t know or staying up around the clock playing mindless games? Make a positive change in your life and put your valuable free time to a better use by taking paid online surveys. You still get to log your “screen time” from the comfiest spot in your house, but instead of squandering your hours on activities that don’t “give back” you can take surveys online and help yourself and others at the same time.

Yes, taking paid surveys does net you a little extra spending cash that can always come in handy, whether you are just trying to pay the gas bill or want to save up for that designer purse you’ve had your eye on for months. But more importantly than an ends to a means for your needs and desires, taking cash survey helps in a “bigger picture” way. Each time you participate in paid surveys and share your personal opinions, you are providing manufacturers and service providers with insightful information aids in product development and marketing. When products and services are designed to better serve the needs of target markets above and beyond your self, everyone wins.

In addition to a few bucks, you’ll gain the intrinsic satisfaction of knowing that you’ve given back to the world in general. For example, it has been widely reported that air bag in automobiles were, in large part, developed in response to meeting consumer’s demands for improved safety. After asking car owner’s a number of questions through paid surveys and focus groups, car manufacters were able to distill down the data and infer that improved safety was a major concern. Similar improvements in safety have been implemented as a result of feedback obtained through online surveys on behalf of many industries including food service, healthcare, air travel, children’s toys and more. Check out Survey Adventure and sign up to start taking free surveys that could make a big impact on the future of products and services that you buy for your family – and others buy for their families! You’ll feel great knowing you’ve done your part in the process, plus making extra cash is a great perk!


The 3 C’s – Benefits Of Online Surveys

Raise your hand if you want to make money in your spare time from home! Okay, now put your hand down, because you’ll need to get busy behind your laptop signing up for paid online surveys. All you need is a computer with internet access and you’ll be well on your way to earning decent cash just by sharing your opinions with the industry execs who have the actual power to make change. As if this promise of easy money isn’t enticing enough, read on for more reasons to get started in this lucrative, part-time field of survey taking.

Cash: Okay, we already said it, but it’s worth saying again! Taking paid surveys is an easy way to earn some extra money and we know that is an important issue for many in these tough economic times. Whether you are looking to supplement your income from another job or are looking to add you share to the family budget, taking surveys can be a great way to earn the dough needed to meet your financial goals. Earning potential varies greatly some surveys offer a couple dollars for a few minutes of your time while other market research activities can pay much more – often up to $50 for longer online surveys, $100 for phone interviews, and $200 for in-person focus groups.

Comfort: Taking online surveys keeps you in your comfort zone – your couch or favorite office chair. If you feel like working in your PJs one day, no one will even know! Once you take paid surveys online, you’ll quickly agree there is nothing more satisfying that earning money without breaking a sweat.

Control: When you sign up for paid surveys, you are in complete charge of your schedule; if you want to work in the morning so you can head to the park in the afternoon – that’s up to you. Or, if you have a day job, say up your surveys and complete them at night after you’ve had dinner and time with your family. Plus, you can cherry pick what surveys you’d like to participate in; if you don’t have an interest or an opinion on a certain topic, then just pass!