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Online Surveys for Nurses


blog nurseNursing has always been an important profession across the world. The role of a nurse was first pioneered by Florence Nightingale in the 19th century. As a British nurse tending to wounded solders in the Crimean war, this progressive lady laid the foundation for many nursing protocols and set up the first secular nursing school in London.  Since her time, the nursing profession has continued to evolve and grow. According to the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, there were 2.9 million Registered Nurses (RNs) in America – with over 13 percent holding Master’s or Doctorate degrees.  You can share your experiences as a nursing professional by taking online surveys that will help further the field into the future.


There are a couple online survey sites that invite nurses to participate in brief online medical surveys that are directly related to the nursing field. For example, (now part of specifically recruits nurses with all types of certifications to take paid surveys on a number of medical topics. At survey sites like these, nurses can share their experiences getting a nursing education, on the job challenges, training and certifications, and balancing work and play.


Taking online surveys in the field of your profession helps improve the workplace for everyone. Whether you have praise to sing or complaints to voice, you can rest assured that your comments left on paid surveys are completely confidential. Your employer will never directly know the feedback you are leaving about nursing. If, in fact, your employer is a client of the survey site and is purchasing the data, you can feel confident knowing that data is almost always aggregated and used in a “big picture” sense. If you have any concerns, check the privacy policy of the survey site that is conducting the project.


As a token of appreciation for your time and feedback spent taking surveys online, the survey site you are working for will typically provide a small cash compensation or some type of merchandise reward. These incentives will vary based on the project and the survey site and are communicated at the start of each project. To find a paid online survey in the nursing field, visit a free online survey database that has researched, categorized and validated opportunities to take surveys for money.

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Snap, Crackle and Pop Your Way Through Online Surveys

blog cerealAmerican’s love breakfast cereal – in fact, we’ll eat it for any meal or snack of the day. Most cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals and when topped with fruit and milk, you’re pretty much eating a well-balanced meal from a single bowl. If you love cereal and would like to help influence the products you see on the grocery store shelves, you can share your opinions through online surveys. Major food manufacturers across the country are eager to hear what consumers like you have to say about their products; what you love, what you crave, and what leaves your taste buds less than pleased.


For examples consumer marketing companies such as Lightspeed, administer online surveys on behalf of companies like Kellogg’s. In a recent online survey, consumers were polled and the results yielded some useful information for the breakfast food giant.  Kellogg’s learned that while 44 percent of consumers use milk on their cereal, 8 percent adds juice and 4 percent add ice cream! This ice cream revelation could signal to Kellogg’s that they could market their breakfast cereals as a dessert topping.


Another interesting finding of the online survey is the ongoing battle between taste and nutrition. Nearly 75 percent of folks in the 30 – 35 age group reported that taste was the most important factor in a cereal while only 20 percent went for nutritional value. This probably surprised Kellogg’s a bit as the stereotype is that kids are the only ones not to care about health benefits.  


Based on the way the 400 people in this breakfast food survey responded had an influence on the way breakfast cereal was marketed and developed at Kellogg’s. You can let your tastes be known by signing up to take surveys on the breakfast cereal topic. Often, there will be opportunities for children (with parent’s permission) to also take paid surveys about breakfast cereal and other foods.


Another perk about taking online surveys about breakfast cereal is that you may also be invited to participate in a focus group or taste test.  This is a fun way to share your insights and opinions about a product hands-on; you’ll really be able to share an informed opinion when you get to taste the product. As a “thank you” for taking online surveys about cereal or other food products, companies will compensate you through one of several means. Depending on the product and the survey site you are working for, you may be rewarded with cash, points for merchandise, product samples, coupons and more.

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Understanding Online Survey Reward Systems – A “Pointed” Discussion

Some online surveys pay in cash money, such as Survey Savvy, Socratic Forum, Gongos, Mindfield Online Surveyhead, Pinecone research and others. For example, after you complete an online survey at Pinecone Research (one I use frequently), you can expect your check to arrive to your snail mail box within a week – or you can get a quicker payment service by opting for Paypal deposits. However, a larger percentage of online survey sites pay their members in reward “points” rather than doling out hard cash. Typically, the way it goes down is that you collect up enough points in your account and then redeem them in for merchandise or gifts cards.

For example, SurveySpot has an easy-to-understand point system where one point equals one penny. So right off the bat, you know what you are getting into earning-wise when you sign up to take the paid survey – no need to pull out a calculator. If your invitation says the paid survey is worth 300 points, then you know that is the cash equivalent of 3 dollars. Other survey sites have similar systems where the points are worth different values like 5 cents, 10 cents or 25 cents. Not quite as easy to calculate quickly, but still straightforward.

Some online survey sites have points that are actually just a fraction of a cent; it takes lots of points to just rack up 1 dollar. For example, one paid survey site that comes to mind (which won’t be mentioned because it is still technically an earning opportunity for you and I wouldn’t want to scare anyone away) only offers 1/30th of 1 cent. Yes, you read that correctly; you’d have to earn 3000 points just to earn a single buck. 

Because there are so many types of point programs in place across hundreds of different survey sites, it is impossible to describe a standard system. The responsibility falls on you, the survey site member, to educate yourself about each company’s policy and how they award points. When you understand how you are being “paid” and the effort that goes along with each paid survey, you will quickly ferret out your favorite spots to take surveys online – come back and visit these gems often. Remember, not all survey site points are created equal!

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Cruise Into Mystery Shopping

blog cruiseWelcome aboard the journey of mystery shopping, let your next experience be cruising throughout one of the seven seas! Say “bon voyage” to your boring summer plans and sign up to be a mystery shopper with one of the big hospitality consulting and secret shopping services. While the assignments may not be as easily obtained as a job to mystery shop in a mall retail outlet, the rewards are worth it if you can score a sign-up.


By mystery shopping for major cruise lines, you provide invaluable feedback that ensures that the ship’s guests enjoy the finest in services and amenities. Your undercover work may span over every aspect of leisure and lodging on the boat, from entertainment, dining, spa services, guest activities, shore excursions and more. This will require you to interact with staff, join in activities and critique the food – all while appearing to be a regular guest. While you may be in the middle of paradise, remember the reason you were hired – to be the eyes, ears and taste buds of the proverbial mother ship, the cruise line.


Upon your return from the trip, cruise line secret shoppers are generally required to provide thorough and in-depth reporting of the experience from the guest’s point of view. This can include reports, online surveys, telephone debriefings and more. If there are significant errors, incomplete information or untruthful statements, you may not receive the proposed reimbursement from the mystery shopping company you are working with.


Cruise mystery shops are a plum assignment, often all or most of your expenses that relate to the assignment are reimbursed. Most cruise mystery shoppers have “worked there way up” to the level where they are valued enough to send out on a travel-related  secret shopping job – but sometimes, you can get lucky and pick up one quickly. The best way to get an assignment is to sign up with a paid survey company that has hospitality clients. Next, take every assignment they through your way and do an impeccable job and hopefully you’ll be working and relaxing on a free cruise soon.

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Amusement Park Mystery Shopping

blog roller coasterWho doesn’t love an amusement park -- the exhilarating terror of the roller coasters, the welcomed stickiness of the practically mandatory snow cone, and the bright lights, noisy peddling and chaos of the midway? Going to the amusement park is a rite of passage each summer, eagerly anticipated by young and old folks alike. If you’d like to help make it the most positive experience for every visitor, you can sign up to be a mystery shopper in the amusement park industry.


As a mystery shopper (sometimes called secret shoppers or quality auditors), you will experience the amusement park from the eyes of a generic guest, enjoying all the amenities, interacting with the park’s employees and taking part in the fun. However, during your visit, you will also be keeping a keen eye on and reporting everything you see – from how long you waited in line for different rides and how clean the grounds were to the friendliness of the staff and the tastiness of your break-time meal. Before you enter the facility, you will be armed with a checklist of items that will need to be evaluated later, either through a written report or online survey. Sometimes, you may even be asked to submit photos along with your evaluation – don’t worry, you’ll just look like the typical tourist snapping pictures on a day of family fun.


In addition to the big-name amusement parks, mystery shopper assignments can also be found in other related entertainment venues including water parks, arcades, museums, city attractions, children’s play centers, zoos, aquariums, carnivals and fairs.  For the most part, mystery shoppers who live in bigger cities near these type facilities are more likely to be successful in this style of mystery shopping.


Depending on which secret shopper company you are registered with, you will receive rewards for the successful completion of your assignment which could include reports, photos and  online surveys. These various forms of payment could include cash reimbursement for the day’s expenses, gift certificates, coupons and free passes. Companies in the amusement park industry value your feed back about the guest experience and are happy to reward (and rehire) people who submit honest and detailed reports.

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Taking Paid Surveys is NOT Boring

If you’ve been watching the paint peel off the front porch or watching hours and hours of television reruns, it’s time to kick summer up a notch.  “National Anti-Boredom Month” takes place every July and is the perfect opportunity to seize the day and do something worthwhile. Taking paid surveys is an interesting, engaging and definitely not-boring way to spend your free-time – plus, making a little extra money on the side will fund all the other interesting things you’ve always wanted to do in the summer, but never had the cash!


Paid surveys and online surveys are ideal for college students on semester break, moms looking to supplement the family income while the kids are at home for the summer, or currently employed folks who want to moonlight from the convenience of home. Really anyone who has access to a computer, an email address and an Internet connection can benefit from the fun and flexibility of taking paid surveys.


 If you’re wondering what makes taking paid surveys “fun”, just ask anyone who has been doing it for a while. When you take surveys, you are empowered with the opportunity to voice your opinion on a wide range of interesting topics. Big companies want to hear what you think about their products and services and how they could improve to better suit the needs of you and other consumers.  What a great feeling to know that you played a direct role in the development of an awesome new product or service that all your friends are buzzing about.


There is no denying that earning rewards is a fun part of taking surveys online. After completing online surveys, participants are typically thanked with a range of worthwhile incentives such as actual cash, points that can be redeemed for merchandise, or other fun prizes and perks. Some online survey site offer free entries into exciting sweepstakes each time your participate in an online survey – the prizes could be cash, high-tech gadgets and even cars!

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It’s Easy to Sign Up for Online Surveys

In just a few minutes, you can sign up to take surveys online – it’s definitely not as difficult, unsafe or time-consuming as many think. When you are a member of online survey sites, you will be invited to share your opinions and insights with major manufacturers.  And, as a “thank you” for helping companies improve their products and services, participants are often rewarded with incentives such as cash payments, merchandise, prizes and free entries into sweepstakes. Follow the easy steps and you’ll be on your way to the interesting and lucrative hobby of taking surveys for money.


Find a Survey Site: Visit an online survey site and click on the “get started” or “register” button.  If you don’t even know where to begin, visit an online database that lists out the various survey sites by location and area of specialty – choose the ones that best matches your needs. 


Enter Information: When registering for membership at an online survey site, you will be asked to provide your contact information (such as name and email address) as well as certain demographic information (age, sex, education, income, etc). This information is vital to successful market research, because it lets companies know they are capturing the right target market to take surveys on their products and services. The overwhelming majority of survey sites hold your information in the strictest confidence and do not use if for spamming purposes. However, if you have any concerns, please read the “privacy policy” for each survey site you register with.


Confirmation Emails: Most survey sites will immediately send you a confirmation email as soon as you register. This email outlines all the specifics of the particular company such as how often surveys are conducted, how to log onto your account, how you will be rewarded, and more. When registering with multiple survey sites, it is a good idea to create an inbox folder to store all this introductory emails in case you need to refer to them later on.


Respond to Survey Invites: As soon as your contact and demographic details are collected by a survey site, you will begin to receive invitations to participate in paid surveys, product samplings, online focus groups or other market research projects that the survey site oversees.  When you receive an invite in your email inbox, quickly respond to the query and express your interest in the project.  You will then be immediately led to a link that starts the survey or you will be given further information about the scope of the project, if it is more detailed.

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Motivation Grooms You For Success in Online Surveys

blog check markTaking online surveys and participating in other market research studies can help you make extra cash that will supplement your income. However, often people find that it is hard to get going with online surveys and stay faithful to the process. Well-known inspirational speaker, Zig Ziglar, has great quote on how to help achieve your desires that is completely applicable to taking surveys online. “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”


You may be laughing, but it’s true. Unless you want to stink at taking online surveys, you’ll need to spend a little time cleaning up your attitude. It is completely unrealistic to think that you can throw your name into cyberspace and then sit back and wait for money to be deposited into your account! But, with some daily attention to this activity (consider it a part-time job), you will build up a reputation with survey sites as a dependable, trustworthy member who is always invited to take part the newest market research projects. By following tips on how to “stick with it” in paid surveys, you can groom yourself into a motivated and much-in-demand participant.


Spread Your Name: There is not a single source of online surveys. So, in order to increase your visibility with companies conducting market research, it is important to register with many online survey sites. The more survey administrators that you have signed up with and shared your contact and demographic information with, the higher your chances of receiving invitations to participate in online surveys and other activities.


Respond Quickly: Once you do get an invitation in your e-mail inbox, promptly respond to the query. Almost always, market research projects have a quota of participants that are allowed to share opinions and it is usually implemented on a first-come, first-served basis. Even if the online survey is accepting everyone, you may miss the survey deadline if you let it languish in your email account. Plus, a prompt reply shows the survey administrator respect, that you are on top of your game and will be a quality candidate to take surveys.


Check In Daily: You won’t know if you have new online survey invitations if you don’t check your email or log into the survey website daily. It can be very discouraging to realize that you’ve just missed an interesting, well-paying online survey. But, if you create a routine to check daily, you’ll rarely miss a thing, improve your overall invitation rate and put your motivation to make money through online surveys in overdrive.

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Soft Drink Surveys Quite Refreshing

blog soft drinksThe hot and humid days of summer call for some sparkling refreshment. Americans like to keep their thirsts quenched with soft drinks, to the tune of about 54 gallons per person, per year! Soft drinks were first marketed in Paris as a type of honey-sweetened lemonade in the mid-1600s; a hundred years later scientists had developed techniques to mix carbon dioxide into juice, spice and sugar flavored water. Today there are hundreds of carbonated libations to choose from. Whether you enjoy cola products, lemon-lime recipes or some other delicious flavor, each time you pop the top off a can or bottle, you will be drinking America’s most popular beverage.


The generic names for carbonated beverages are varied, often associated to a particular region of the country or world. Some of the most common nicknames include soda, pop, fizzy drink, soda --- and even the use of brand name “Coke” to refer to any drink.  Soft drink consumers are often very loyal to a particular brand and marketers are very aware of this allegiance trying every trick of the trade to switch over new customers. The “cola wars” have been an ongoing battle of the beverages since long before most people can remember. Who could forget Coke changing their nearly century-old signature formula in 1985 to “New Coke” and facing so much backlash that they had to revert to the original secret recipe less than three months later.


Beverage companies rely heavily on the opinions of their consumers when creating new products. And, if you are a carbonated soft drink purchaser, you surely have a strong opinion about what you love, just like, and completely detest. Online surveys, focus groups, and blind taste testing are all ways that you can share your opinions about soda and feel good knowing your insights will be used in making important marketing decisions. How you respond to these online surveys and other market research projects can ultimately affect the type of products you see on the store shelves – case in point, the “New Coke” fiasco and swift reversal.


The best way to participate in paid surveys, focus groups and market studies for soft drinks is to sign up with one or more market research organizations that gather data for the major manufacturers. There are several online databases of survey sites that offer free access to these type market research companies. Typically, you will be required to submit your contact information and filling out a brief survey on your interests; then, you will be matched up to take surveys or participate in focus groups as they become available.

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Scream About Ice Cream

blog ice creamEach summer, all thirty-one days of July are deliciously dedicated to ice cream thanks to the super-yummy designation of National Ice Cream Month. We can thank dessert-loving past-president, Ronald Reagan, for appointing this tasteful holiday in honor of all sweet, frozen confections. Market research on the topic of ice cream has shown that more than 90% of the U.S. indulges in ice cream with the average person eating about 15 quarts per year!

Vanilla and chocolate are always popular flavors in the United States, but we adventurous ice cream connoisseurs also enjoy unusual flavors with lots of mix-ins. Japan loves a good green tea (matcha) ice cream while in the south of China, you’d be digging into some ice cream made of mung beans. If you have an opinion on what kind of new ice cream flavor would be good, this is where participating in online survey research panels becomes a mutually beneficial event for both you and ice cream manufacturers.

You can influence the development of new ice cream flavors and frozen novelty products by participating in market research activities such as online surveys, focus groups and product sampling. From sharing your opinions each time you take surveys online to actually tasting various flavors in a group setting or at-home, you can help stock the store shelves with the yummiest ice cream ever.

Most ice cream manufacturers and dairies have consumer panels that are specifically put into place for this type of product development and improvement process. For example, Ben & Jerry’s has the ChunkSpelunker club that allows members to become honorary flavor developers and Blue Bunny has the iScream Team that offers member the chance to take online surveys on topics relating to frozen novelties and ice cream. In addition to taking surveys online for ice cream manufacturers, you can also share you opinion with “dine-in” ice-cream shops such as Baskin-Robbins, Dairy-Queen or Cold Stone Creamery through guest satisfaction surveys and help them improve their ice-cream experience for everyone.

Reimbursements for sharing your opinions about ice cream vary widely depending on the company and specific type of research being conducted. Participation in the “club” type programs typically reward members with coupons, discounts, and the occasional free product. When completing guest satisfaction online surveys and other marketing research for ice cream companies, the reward is often a free entry into a sweepstake paying out with a large cash or merchandise prize. Every once in a while, you will see a ice cream contest that solicits a call for entries for a new recipe, product name or flavor – often these public relations events have some of the most impressive rewards such as trips to the company headquarters and cash prizes.