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Three Don’ts For Paid Surveys

If you are new to taking paid surveys or have been enjoying the many benefits of this “career” for a while, it doesn’t hurt to brush these three things NOT to do. When  you focus on the positive and provide quality answers, your job in paid online surveys should continue to pay off for a long time.


Don’t give up. If you’ve been hearing crickets each time you check your inbox for paid survey invitations, don’t give up on the process. Commissioning paid surveys is a cyclical process for many businesses that corresponds to their product development and marketing milestones. I have personally (and wrongly) felt “blacklisted” for nearly a year from a major survey provider that I did quality work for. After this long dry spell, I was surprised to experience a flurry of survey invitations in my inbox – I guess business picked up for them and because I kept checking for their messages, I was ready to jump back in!


Don’t hurry. When you hurry through paid surveys, you unwittingly may provide inaccurate or incomplete information that the client company needs to base their marketing decisions upon. Not only do you hurt the company, you also hurt yourself because after several paid surveys that are incomplete, you may be disqualified from that survey and even dropped from future initiations.


 Don’t cheat. Another way to get dropped like a hot potato from survey sites is to act in an unethical manner. This can include trying to beat the system by registering as different people under different email addresses or providing false information in your answers. Also, as mentioned above, don’t fly through surveys by randomly clicking buttons, without regard to the data you are providing – this can be considered cheating. Many surveys have questions built in that check to see if you are paying attention – like repeating the same question and the beginning and end or asking you in the text to disregard the question but just mark a certain number as your answer to show that you are actually reading the text.

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Sniff Out Pet Surveys on National Dog Day

CB046478Man’s best friend has always been the dog and this canine companion is set to be officially honored today on “National Dog Day.” This important even was created by the National Dog Day Foundation as a way to both honor dogs in general and to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse. Many famous people are in support of this day dedicated to our favorite furry friends – even former President Bush has sent a letter voicing his support of this tail-wagging day.

 Taking care of our own pets and dogs in need is an important responsibility. One way to make sure that our pet’s needs are met aside from the direct care and love that we give them is to make sure that we speak up for their needs. Obviously, dogs can’t talk and tell pet industry manufacturers and service providers what they need, want and desire. But, as owners of dogs, we can participate in paid surveys on behalf of pups and let companies know what kinds of things they need to stay happy and healthy for many years to come.

 A popular topic for pet paid surveys has always been on dog food. Companies want to know if you feed your pet dry dog food, canned wet dog food, soft-moist pouches or table scraps. Often times these paid surveys lead into a product sample where the manufacturer will send a trial-sized portion of dog food for your pet to sniff about and sample. After the meal, you will typically be asked to respond with your pet’s reaction to the meal in quite a bit of detail.

 Other topics for pet paid online surveys included treats, training techniques, traveling with your pet, pet healthcare issues, pet toys and more. As a pet owner, the more information you provide through online surveys the better as companies use your information aggregated with other dog owners to make important decisions about what products to put on the store shelves next season. If your dog loves a particular flavor of food, say so! If you enjoy traveling with your dog but find that there aren’t enough amenities, this is your opportunity to take a paid survey and help ameliorate the problem.  Whatever pet paid surveys you participate in, you’ll feel satisfied knowing that you’ve helped dogs everywhere.

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Back To School Surveys For College Students

The summer is winding down and college kids everywhere are trading in their carefree days for a more “scheduled” schedule. While it may be hard to say farewell to the easy-going times of summer break, the start of a new semester always brings about a sense of excitement and renewal for most students. A time to learn about new topics, make new friends and figure out a sense of self, the beginning of the school year can also bring about financial stress. An easy way for college kids to lessen the worries over money is to pick up a part-time job, and taking online surveys is a very flexible option.

Survey sites that offer online surveys offer young adults a chance to earn a few extra dollars without having to even leave to dorm room or coffee shop. From the comfort and convenience of a laptop or personal computer, college students can log in, crank out a few surveys, make some money and then get back to studying.

Another benefit of taking these surveys online is that they are perfectly suited for a night-owl, early bird and everyone in between. As soon as a survey invitation is received, it may be completed in a time frame that best suits the college student’s schedule – between classes, before study hall, or after coming in from an evening out.  As long as the paid survey is completed and submitted sometime before the stated deadline, it can be done at the recipient’s discretion.

If taking online surveys sounds like a boring way to spend a few minutes, don’t worry – it’s not. Product manufacturers and service providers that are targeting the young adult market make the experience fun and rewarding so that their customers will keep providing input. Depending on the survey, a college kid may find himself getting paid for giving opinions on a movie trailer, rating the user experience of a video game or sharing ideas for new pizza toppings or ice cream flavors.

As a reward for taking paid surveys, college kids will be rewarded in one of several ways depending on who is administering the paid survey. Cash is always a welcomed form of payment for university students because it can be spent at their discretion. Other forms of compensation include reward points that can be accumulated and then later turned in for merchandise, entries into awesome sweepstakes, free music and movie downloads and discounts for the merchandise being reviewed. Start taking paid surveys today and move to the head of the class.

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Surveys for Senior Citizen’s Day

blog senior paid surveysAugust 21st of each year is “National Senior Citizens Day”, a special time to honor the more “seasoned” population among us. Some times seniors can be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules and this day earmarked for the elderly gives us all the chance to show appreciation for the their contributions to home, family and society. Additionally, if you really sit down and chat with an older, retired person, you’ll quickly realize that they’ve earned their wisdom over the years.

 Major corporations across the country are beginning to shift their focus and cater more to the older generations. The “graying of America” is a documented trend as the large population of Baby Boomers age into their 60s. Not only are we living longer thanks to medial breakthroughs, but older people are retiring earlier and remaining much more active that with the old folks of decades ago. Because so many people are getting a little “long in the tooth”, companies are sitting up and taking notice and figuring out how this can benefit the bottom line.

 One way that product manufacturers and service providers find out what this older population wants and needs is through online surveys. From the comfort of their own homes, senior citizens can provide valuable opinions and insights about current products on the market and those under development. When companies understand what this more mature group of people want to spend their retirement money on for leisure, travel, healthcare, automotive needs and more, they can directly address the demands of their target markets instead of just blindly guessing.

 In addition to having a voice lifted to management’s ears, seniors get other perks from taking paid surveys – namely earning rewards. Depending on which market research firm is conducting the paid online survey, a senior citizen can be compensated with everything from cash and merchandise to valuable discounts and coupons – all are great for supplementing what can sometimes be a limited budget.

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Referrals – An Invitation They’ll Not Want To Refuse

blog referral invitatonIf you’ve every heard the expression, “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine,” you’ll realize that it applies to taking paid surveys as well. The rewards earned from taking paid surveys are just too fantastic to keep to yourself, but why would you want to share your little secret with others not in the know? Well, the answer to this question is that the majority of paid survey sites out on the Internet have special incentives for referring family and friends to join the program.

 The way these referral programs typically work is that after joining as a member of a specific survey site, you have the opportunity to send email invitations to people you know. Usually, you just enter their email address and then have a small space to add the personal message of your choosing, such as “join me at xyz survey company and you can make money at home just like me.”  These are called “referrals” and for each referral that clicks through the link in your email to join the survey site will be credited as a member brought in by you.

 How you will be compensated for bringing in new members varies from survey site to survey site. Some market research companies may offer a small cash reward or present you with additional reward points to put toward the merchandise of your choice. You may be rewarded directly after the new member fills out the registration form or you may have to wait until he or she successfully completes the first online survey. While most survey sites offer a one-time reward for bringing in new members, some survey sites allow you to continuously make a percentage of each referrals earnings.

 You’ve referred your parents, siblings and best friends, but how can you keep expanding your circle of referrals? Don’t just retire your referral invitations after the most obvious choices; instead invite anyone you are socially connected to. From co-workers and classmates to folks in your sports leagues and church groups -- don’t be bashful. If you sincerely communicate a message that taking online surveys can work, you are liable to influence all types of people.

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Advantages of Online Surveys

Paid surveys have so many advantages for us all. Paid surveys can bring you financial benefits, whether you are a college student that needs a little extra cash and would really rather not sell off blood or other body fluids or are a seasoned citizen feeling the pinch of these hard economic times but are unable to work outside the home. Taking online surveys is always free, can earn you some great perks and can even be considered fun.

There are hundreds and hundreds of survey sites and in-house marketing departments at major corporations that are eagerly awaiting your input. The smart execs at these companies know that the opinions of their customers are vital to their continued success. Don’t be bashful, the more information you share the better the end result – customer-driven products being stocked on the store shelves.

 Other advantages include:

  • Earning money with just a computer and internet connection.
  • Influencing product development with your feedback.
  • Helping to fine-tune services so that they are more customer-friendly.
  • Getting to sample new products before they are sold to the general public.
  • Most paid surveys are quick and easy to complete – from 5 to 20 minutes on average.
  • Work around your own time schedule, day or night.
  • Some online surveys can even be completed on a smart phone.
  • Some survey sites allow you to earn more money through referrals.
  • Gain free entries into sweepstakes with exciting prizes.
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Paid Surveys Promote Family Fun

blog family funThe statistics are profound; the family that spends more time together over the years ultimately develops closer bonds and is happier overall. Whether the time is spend at the dinner table or out enjoying a favorite family hobby together, the common factor is that mothers, fathers and children are all interacting with each other and having fun. The month of August is officially designated as “Family Fun Month” and is the ideal time to start or strengthen some of your own family traditions.

All types of companies would love to hear what you and your family do for fun and often collect this data through online surveys. Resorts and travel agent are interested in what you find attractive in a family vacation, from destinations and activities to food and attractions. Toy companies are curious to find out what types of games, gadgets and diversions are most important to your family time. Sporting equipment manufacturers want to understand what role sports play in the life of you and your children and what type of gear you use most. And movie industry execs want to know what you and your family like best in family-friendly entertainment.

One of the most common ways these companies get the answers they want is by soliciting your opinions through online surveys. Either handled in-house or sent out to a market research company, these paid online surveys are the perfect opportunity for you to share your opinions and insights. The more quality information you share through online surveys, the better able companies will be able to develop new products and services to introduce into the marketplace – ultimately to the benefit of all families, including yours.

Most online survey site require members to be adults over the age of 18 years and will ask you question on behalf of your children. However, many companies are interested in the opinions of your children directly and may from time to time ask for your permission to either have them complete an online survey on their own or with your help. Depending on which survey site you are working with, you will be compensated for each online survey your family participates in. Compensation can range from actual cash and merchandise to passes for free entertainment and coupons for great family discounts on your favorite products.

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Paid Surveys Pay You, Not Vice Versa

CB022158The Internet is filled with opportunities for folks to share their opinions on different products, services and current events and earn perks like cash and merchandise in the process? Do the claims sound too good to be true, too easy – are you remembering your mother say “there is no such thing as a free lunch?” For the most part, the online surveys you see are legitimate and are willing, even eager, to pay you for your thoughts on their company. However, occasionally there will be the one rotten fish that falls in your net, just know how to steer clear of that stinker.

 Rule number one (and this is important) for taking paid surveys is that these types of market research activities pay YOU and not the other way around. Never, ever should a legitimate survey site ask for to pay to become a member, pay to get access to surveys which are in the public domain, or ask you to put a credit card on file, etc.  

 Often a company will promise to pay you and then never fulfill their obligation, even after you’ve done the work. The best way to avoid these scam survey sites is the register with a few online survey databases that lists and categorizes paid surveys that are proven to pay out. Other precautions that can be taken by the consumer are to check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau, or on community discussion forums.

 People often wonder why a corporation wants to pay consumers to complete their surveys and why they contract market research companies to do the work for them. The answer is that your feedback on a company’s products and service provides them with valuable data that helps to sell more stuff and make the company more money! Often the company “farms out” their market research activities to a survey site that has the expertise and time to collect and aggregate the consumer data. These survey sites are paid for the time and efforts and use a good deal of the funds to pay consumers for their insights. This is good news for the average individual who would like supplement their income by taking paid online surveys.

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Work Like a Dog or a Cat — Your Choice!

August 5th of each year is “Work Like a Dog Day”, a day to honor those folks who work 9-to-5 and then moonlight on the side, pull more than their share of the load, and never take a break until the task is done. Whew, sounds exhausting doesn’t it?!  While we applaud the type-A work-a-holics climbing the corporate ladder, there is a much easier way to make a few bucks to supplement your income – and this requires a “work like a cat attitude!” We all know how cats to take it easy and just sun themselves in the window – you can do that too when taking paid surveys!

Not to make light of taking paid surveys, it does take a commitment to getting the job done or you’ll never make any money. However, the work is fun, easy and lets you get back to doing the activities you love best like napping in the sun or prowling around at night. No need to work like a dog – unless you want to!

blog dog catIt’s really quite easy to your work space set up to take online surveys. First, you’ll need a computer (preferably a laptop you can take to your easy chair!) with internet access. While you don’t need to set up a special e-mail just for receiving and sending messages about online surveys, it does help to set up a dedicated email if you can to keep you organized and reduce and unwanted e-mails that might come to your personal account.

Next, you’ll want to sign up with a free survey database to peruse through their listings of survey sites. This is a much more efficient way to find surveys than searching through the internet on your own – plus, they tend to feature the more reputable companies that administer surveys. Find a 5 to 10 survey sites that interest you and fill out the corresponding online registration forms – most ask for basic contact information, demographics and a brief survey of your interests. This information is collected so that you can be hooked up with the most appropriate paid surveys.

Finally, check your email everyday to see if you’ve been invited to participate in a survey. If so, complete it in at your leisure (but before the deadline) and then kick back to continue your cat-like relaxation. Most online surveys offer some form of compensation for your time sharing insights and opinions; the rewards range from cash, merchandise, points to be redeemed for great gear and free entries into sweepstakes.

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Common Online Survey Questions

What is stopping you from taking online surveys?  For some people the fear of sharing personal information keeps them from participating, while others think it takes too much time or don’t even know where to search out reputable companies that offer paid surveys. Do any of these self-created obstacles sound like roadblocks you’ve set up to keep you from taking surveys?  Well, read on for answers to these top concerns about taking surveys online --- and you might just change your mind and earn some great perks in the process!


Privacy Concerns: Yes, there are terrible stories about personal information being stolen on and off the internet at the expense of some poor soul. Or, perhaps you’re worried about Big Brother looking over your shoulder. However, this is NOT the case for the overwhelming majority of online survey sites – don’t let the rare bad apple ruin a potential fruitful experience for you. Typically the comments and opinions you share through online surveys are aggregated into one data set before they are presented to the client – this means that your answers don’t stand alone connected  to your identity. The best way to choose safe surveys to take is to join a reputable survey database that lists top survey providers that have been researched and validated for their honestly. If you have further concerns, by all means you are in charge of protecting yourself – read  the privacy policy of each survey site before you join to verify how they use your personal information.


Time Concerns: As a society, we are crazy busy rushing from a job to family obligations to a favorite hobby – who has time to take paid surveys?  Don’t worry, taking online surveys actually takes very little of your time, especially after you’ve spent the initial time investment to sign up with various survey providers. When a company has a survey that fits your profile, you will typically be emailed an invitation to participate – the average survey takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to complete. While some more in-depth market research projects can take longer to complete, you always have the veto power to say “No, I can’t take this paid survey today.”


Finding Survey Concerns: Finding paid surveys could be difficult if you were planning on doing all the leg work by yourself.  After all, when you type “paid survey” into Google you get 21 million results – who wants to weed through that?! However, if you use an online survey database, you can easily locate paid surveys – and most are broken down into categories so that you can pick the demographic indicator that fits you best (location, age, etc). Plus, the surveys listed in these databases are researched and validated by the survey site to ensure quality. Happy surveying!

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