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How To Fit Paid Surveys Into An Already Busy Schedule

blog light blubWhile it is true that many people who take online surveys are students, retirees or stay-at-home parents who have flexible schedules and / or a lot of free time, it is not always the case. There is a surprising segment of paid survey takers who are busy juggling the multiple demands of a full-time job, children and elder care, continuing education and time-consuming hobbies. Just like the folks with fewer responsibilities, these people realize the value in participating in free surveys – the fact that you can share your opinion with leading manufacturers and get paid (or earn other rewards) at the same time.  

 The key to becoming successful with paid surveys is to understand and implement ways to make the most efficient use of your time. If you feel like you are too busy to take paid surveys, just ask yourself what you are doing during your down time at work.  Are you busy playing mindless online games, chatting on social media or gossiping with the person in the next cubicle? You can take this little moments of down time and turn them around into a profitable and enjoyable way to voice your feelings (which is stress relieving) and make extra cash at the same time!

In addition to your down time at work, you can take advantage of those moments when you are on “idle” when out running errands and other such daily activities. For example, while passing the minutes in a doctor’s waiting room or sitting in the stands waiting for a child’s soccer practice to finish up, you can connect to the internet through a laptop or mobile wireless device and check your email for paid survey invitations. Because many online surveys take only 5 to 10 minutes to take, you can quickly knock out the latest survey and pat yourself on the back for earning a few bucks or reward points during time that might simply have been spent daydreaming or flipping through a magazine.

Perhaps one of the best ways to make the most efficient use of your time when started in paid surveys is to join a survey site. A free survey site database, such as Survey Adventure, categorizes the various market research firms, in-house corporate departments and academic institutions that administer online surveys, focus groups and other research projects. A one of these survey sites, you eliminate the seemingly endless hours that could be spent surfing the Internet yourself looking for legitimate paid surveys. Because much of the legwork has been done for you, all you need to do is sign up for membership at the survey sites that interest you, get back to your “to-do” list while you wait for online survey invitations to arrive in your email box, complete the paid surveys in your down time and enjoy the rewards.

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Online Surveys About Household Products

blog cleaning picHousecleaning – it’s a chore that someone has to do! While some busy folks enjoy the convenience of having a maid service whisk away the dirt, most of us regular folks have to get down to the nitty-gritty ourselves. In addition to keeping your living quarters fresh and free of dirt, dust and allergens, some people think that cleaning your house can actually be quite therapeutic! Whether your are a neat freak or clean because you have to, there are many major corporations that would love to hear your ideas and insights through a variety of online surveys.

Huge conglomerates like Proctor and Gamble, S.C. Johnson and Sons, Clorox and others manufacture a wide array of cleaning products meant for household use – the cabinet under your sink is probably already overflowing with these powders, sprays and scrubs. These companies are always eager to hear their consumers input about cleaning products via online surveys. This feedback helps them create improved products that better suit market demands. For example, in response to consumer opinion, household cleaning companies have started offering more “green” cleaners that are formulated with natural ingredients.

Another part of the household products sector is the broom, brush and mop category. Paid surveys may inquire about your use of these cleaning implements. For example, do you prefer to use traditional cleaning tools that you have to wash out after each use or would you rather use disposable items?  Keeping a  family’s clothing clean and fresh is another huge category that is found on many paid surveys with questions ranging from how many loads of laundry do you  do a week to what fabric softener scents to you prefer.

As a “thank you” for taking paid surveys and sharing your opinions, most survey sites and companies offer rewards to keep you speaking up. While some paid surveys will offer cash compensation, a popular incentive for taking online surveys about household products is to send coupons for free or discounted products. This gives the consumer a chance to test out the product with very little risk and hopefully share positive feedback with friends and family. Occasionally at the end of a free survey, some participants may be invited to participate in a focus group or a product sampling.

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Paid Surveys for Concerned Citizens

One of the benefits of being an American is being able to speak your mind freely; in fact, it is a protected right written into the Constitution by our founding fathers. The way our political system is set up, each person gets a vote or an official “say-so” in who’s being elected and what issues are being addressed. In a way, online surveys serve the same purpose for corporations who are looking for feedback about the products and services they provide. Stand up on your virtual soapbox and share your ideas and insights, provide compliments or critiques, or just exercise your “vote” by signing up to take paid surveys.


If you are a concerned citizen political views and opinions, there are online survey sites that specialize in this important segment of opinion research. These online surveys ask specific subjective and objective questions that are designed gauge public sentiment on the political process, the role of government and attitudes about certain social and economic issues. By participating in these online surveys and providing candid answers, you are helping to bring awareness to the causes that concern you most – and hopefully, as part of the collective, your answers will help to initiate change for the better.


Market research corporations such as the Gallup Organization, iPoll, Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, the Pew Center and numerous others are all well-known researchers in public opinion. You can also visit a free survey site that lists paid surveys from corporations, market research firms and academic institutions to find many, many other administrators of paid surveys that would appeal to activists and change agents.


Some of these online surveys offer rewards such as actual cash payments or reward points that can be turned in for great prizes. Other surveys may not have tangible rewards but are simply counting on your goodwill and concern for America’s future and hope that you take part in their important research. Many participants report that by participating in these types of social and political online surveys found on survey sites, they are rewarded intrinsically with the feeling that they’ve “helped out” or “been heard.” Remember, every opinion counts when it comes to taking surveys.

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Paid Surveys For Hispanic Population

blog latinoThe Hispanic population is quickly growing in America; the Census Bureau reports that there were 44.3 million people of Hispanic origin living within the United States. Comprising more than 15-percent of the US population today, experts project that this number will rise to 24-percent or more by 2050. Since this Hispanic population is grabbing a larger share of the pie every day, there is no wonder that major manufactures and service providers are sitting up, taking notice, and wondering how they can better tap into this booming segment of society. And, administering paid surveys is an efficient way to gather data and gain a deeper understanding of what people of Hispanic origin need and want.


The purchasing power of Hispanics is estimated to be approximately $1 trillion, an impressive 9.2-percent of all Americans. From buying food to put on the dinner table to a choosing brand new car, manufacturers and services providers want to know exactly what Latino folks prefer down to the last detail. This is why there are many marketing firms and survey sites that specifically recruit men and women of Hispanic descent. When you choose to spend a few moments of your time taking surveys, you not only help yourself, but also the greater good in the consumer market.


Education, politics and civic participation are also hot issues within many demographic groups, Hispanic populations included. Participating in paid surveys is the perfect opportunity to step onto a soapbox and have your feelings and wishes heard by listening ears. You cannot initiate change unless you participate in a forum for sharing ideas – and paid surveys are mutually beneficial vehicle for both the participant and the client company. The company gains valuable insights about consumer needs and the participant gets rewarded in one or more ways.


Taking online surveys comes with rewards; the exact type is dependant on the survey site that you are registered with and the client company. Some paid surveys offer cold, hard cash, while other online surveys dole out reward points that can be later redeemed for exciting prizes. Complementary sweepstakes entries, product samples and discounts are also other frequent incentives for participating in online surveys.

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Crush a Can, Take a Survey, Save the World!

blog crush canEvery September 27th is Crush a Can Day! It may sound like a silly excuse for a holiday but it really has many implications for all of us about being “green” and giving the planet a great big hug. Recycling, reducing consumption and repurposing discarded items have all become major social issues that leading businesses are addressing both for their own corporate responsibility and responding to the consumers to whom they sell products and services. If you are interested in being eco-friendly (and really, who isn’t keen on being green), then there are many online surveys where you can have the chance to speak up about the

If you are an informed consumer, share your opinions about the products and services you use in your day-to-day life by responding to free surveys. Your opinions can be used to make more earth-loving products, such as paper products made from recycled paper and/or more sustainable materials, cleaning products created with natural ingredients that won’t get washed into the water supply, and product packaging with less waste than ends up in landfills.

Some online surveys may ask your opinions and purchasing habits about commuting, travel, general energy consumption as a way to develop and align their new products and services to what the population is demanding. Are you now checking out library books or downloading them to an electronic reader instead of buy the actual hard copy?  Have you started carpooling or taking the bus to work instead of driving alone in your car every day? These are all examples of questions you might find on free surveys that ask about your attitudes and perceptions about maintaining a green lifestyle.

Many online surveys will reward you for providing your demographic data along with your honest feedback about the questions. Depending on the survey site, you may receive actual cash payments that you can use to make eco-friendly improvements around your house to free product samples of “green” products that you can share with your friends. So if you drink a soda today, go ahead and smash that can flat and recycle it to honor Crush A Can Day -- remember that participating in online surveys is a great way create change for the better!

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Paid Surveys For Working Parents

blog working dad and kidEvery September 16th is Working Parents Day, a specific day set-aside to recognize all the moms and dads who work hard everyday in both the office and at home. For at least 18 years, a parent’s work is never done – and these efforts aren’t just limited to earning a paycheck. There are meals to be cooked, extra-curricular activities to be attended, chores to be tackled – and then wake up and repeat the next day, all while keeping your employer happy! Major manufacturers of products and services that busy families use are always interested in hearing your opinions and insights about being a working parent so that they may better tailor their offerings to suit your needs.


One of the biggest issues facing parents who work outside the home is arranging childcare. From daycare facilities and after-school camps to in-home nannies, baby sitters and au pairs, there are many options available when it comes to having your children looked after – some companies even offer on-site childcare for their employees. By sharing your opinions about childcare through paid surveys, you help develop more options in childcare for everyone in the marketplace.


Another major hurdle for working parents is getting food on the table. Whether you are a single parent or from a two-paycheck household, finding time to shop for, prepare and cleanup after meals can be a real stress when you are busy between office obligations and extra-curricular activities. Sign up for one of the many consumer paid surveys and speak your mind about what types of foods your busy family depends on. Whether you prefer pre-prepared fresh options for take-out, rely on frozen family and individual meals, or frequent fast-food restaurants, you can rank, rate and review your dining habits and help shape products being create for sale in the future.


When you take surveys, there are many benefits to be had. Not only can you bask in the satisfaction of influencing the products and services being marketed toward working parents, you may also be financially rewarded. Some online surveys pay participants with actual cash or points that can be redeemed for merchandise or gift cards. Companies also use product samples and coupons for free or discounted products as a way to say “thanks” and get you to continue to use and spread the word about their offerings. Other online surveys offer free entries into fabulous sweepstakes for large prizes that your family can enjoy together – cash, cars, vacations!

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Paid Surveys for Parents of Babies

blog storkIf you are the parent of an infant or are expecting one in the near future, many marketing companies are looking for your insights and opinions on behalf of their clients who provide products and services to infants. When these companies are armed with great demographic data, quantitative data about purchasing habits and written feedback in general, they can develop or improve their products and service to better suit the demands of consumers – and that includes you! Plus, an always pleasant perk of participating in online surveys is that you are often rewarded in a way that benefits your growing family – from cash and gift cards to product samples and discount coupons.


It’s no surprise that a major topic of interest for both survey takers and survey administrators is about diapers. No matter if you prefer cloth or disposable, a child uses up to 7,000 diapers by age two! So let manufacturer’s know what features you need in a diaper by participating in online surveys – you’ll be able to find  the products you really want on store shelves and diaper time will become much less of a chore. Many of the leading diaper companies also offer reward programs where you can enter sweepstakes or trade in points for great baby-oriented merchandise in exchange for codes found on the product packaging.


Other areas of childcare that often show up on paid surveys include everything from daily items you’ll use such as formula, baby foods, toiletries to gear such as swings, strollers cribs, car seats and more. Some online surveys may simply ask you questions in general or about a specific product you may already own; or sometimes, you may be sent a free sample or coupon so that you may try out the product on your little one before you report back with your comments and concerns. Providers of baby services are also interested to hear your opinions on important areas that affect your child including pediatricians, child care, education, playtime activities, travel and more.

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Online Surveys for Movie Buffs and Gamers

blog video gameEscape to another world and forget about your worries. That’s how most of us enjoy spending our free time; melting away into the fun and fantasy that comes along with the latest blockbuster movie, action-packed video game, or adrenaline-pumping sports event. In a tough economy and with unforgiving ticket and concession prices, taking paid surveys is a great way for movie buffs and gamers to fund their little entertainment habits! Plus, it is very personally satisfying to know that input and insights provided have helped create or re-tool products for all consumers.

Marketing companies that work with the movie industry are always looking for certain demographic groups to either screen movies, watch movie trailers (previews) and give detailed feedback. Who knows, your opinions about an up-and-coming movie could have an impact on the actual scenes that you see when it is finally released to the theater! Also, sharing information about the products you buy, the media you watch, your income level, and other demographic information helps marketing execs decide how, when and where to advertise the film. There are also many “mystery shopping” assignments for theaters where you are assigned to enter a cinema, count the number of people in the audience, describe the quality of the theater’s sound, screen and surroundings and more.

Online surveys for gamers revolve around the entire gaming experience. This might include questions that inquire what platforms you prefer (such as computers, consoles or handhelds) to your favorite gaming genres (such as action games, puzzle games, or multi-player online games). More than 65-percent of American households play video games and it’s not just the kids – the average age of a gamer is 35 years! So, other members of your family may be asked to give feedback on paid surveys about video games. Other marketing activities such as voting on which game cover artwork you like best or ranking the importance of video game features are other assignments you could receive through online surveys. A lucky few are sometimes invited to actually test out various video games at home before they are released to the general public.


Pizza Surveys Sure To Please

blog picMmmmm, pizza – it’s one of America’s favorite meals (second only to hamburgers) and, thanks to the creators of weird holidays, we are more than happy to celebrate Cheese Pizza Day on September 5th of each year. It’s not that folks love cheese pizza, they love pepperoni pizza, sausage pizza, veggie pizza and supreme. There are even more pizza flavors if you dine out at some of the more trendy pizza places; you could feast on a different style almost every single night! According to industry research there are more than 60,000 pizzerias alone in the United States.

 Combined, Americans eat pizza at the rate of 350 slices per second -- that’s a lot of dough!  Pizza parlors, delivery services and frozen pizza manufacturers all are salivating to know what flavors and styles you and your family love best. In addition to the toppings you want on your pie, these pizza makers what to discover the kind of crust most preferred – thin, pan, whole wheat, and hand tossed. The combinations are endless! This is where online surveys come in – you get to tell manufacturers what pizza you think is best and manufacturers end up selling more pizzas.

 Demographics really drive pizza sales; that’s why paid surveys will ask you for your age, your family size, children’s ages, location, annual income and lifestyle among other questions. The answers to these queries help pizza makers decide who, what, when and where to market their pizza products. For example, past research has found that children ages 3 through 11 prefer pizza over all other food offerings for lunch or dinner. Flip on the television to your child’s favorite show and you might find just find they are now advertising your family’s favorite brand thanks to your input.

 If you get invited to take a paid survey on pizza, it will be a little slice of heaven. You know the topic with be interesting and get you in the mood for a pizza lunch, dinner or snack. If you are lucky, you could even be selected to participate in a product sampling where you are sent coupons to test the pizza product for free or invited to come into a focus group for a live taste-test.  Some other paid surveys may also reward you for your comments about pizza with cash, reward points for merchandise, gift cards or some other pleasing perk.

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Paid Online Surveys For Skilled Professionals

Many marketing research companies are looking for the insightful opinions of skilled professionals. Opportunities abound about for people in the workforce to take paid surveys on topics relating to nursing and healthcare professions to information technology and education specialists. Whether you are a newly hired or a seasoned executive, many companies are interested in your feedback about processes and systems within your given industry. A perk of participating in these completely legit online surveys is that most reward participants with some sort of compensation such as cash, prizes and merchandise.

One type of question you may be asked about your profession on a paid online survey focuses on your education. In addition to your specific academic credentials, the survey may ask you to provide details about how prepared you felt when you entered the field, how you handled financing your education, what type of continuing education your use to stay updated in the field and a throng of other questions. By honestly answering these questions on paid surveys, you can help companies, universities and professional associations better cater to the academic needs of their current and future students and employees.

Other questions that could be asked on an online survey revolve around your company’s business practices. For example, how efficient and effective do you rate the various departments of your company such as human resources, information technology, quality assurance, sales, customer services and more. Additionally, you may be asked to grade the different management tools used within these departments and make suggestions for their improvement. This information is used for continuous improvement within the organization.

There are many other more confidential type questions that could be asked on a paid survey about your skilled profession. For example, questions about your salary history and benefits help other companies develop “market rates” for other folks doing the same work in various parts of the country and within different sized businesses. You also may be asked attitude and perception type questions about your supervisor or the company in general; don’t worry, legitimate market research companies will either aggregate your answers with other respondents are keep the information completely confidential.

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