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Black Friday shopping Survey

blog christmas shoppingWhat are you doing the day after Thanksgiving? If you are like a good number of Americans, you’ll be shopping at Black Friday sales. Black Friday has become a post-turkey day tradition where retailers offer some of their best deals of the year in order to lure in the holiday shoppers. The Nielsen Company, a leader in online surveys and marketing research, reports that nearly one in five people in the United States will be shopping at the Black Friday sales.

If you are wondering how the term “Black Friday” came about, it simply refers to the standard accounting practice of marking debits in red in the ledger and credits in black. A book full of black entries is a good thing for retailers! Buy gathering data on the planned purchases of survey respondents, Neilson was able to make inferences that would be helpful to the client’s bottom line. For example, 61-percent of those shopping reported planned expenditures of $100 to $500 and about the same number will be not be impulse buying, they’ll be shopping with a list.  The biggest categories of sales are expected in electronics and toys with video games and gift cards close behind.

The Nielson Company along with other market research companies gather this type of attitude, perception and behavior data with corporations all over the country. If you’d like to share your ideas and insights about shopping habits, signing up as a participant for online surveys, focus groups, and other marketing research is a great way to be heard. Corporations gearing up for Black Friday use your comments, combined along with the comments from other participants, to help develop products that meet market demand, ensure retail staffing is adequate for crowds, figure out how to advertise and lay out the store and other important areas that drive overall sales.

A benefit of taking paid surveys is that at the end, you’ll receive a reward for your help. From actual cash and gift cards to reward points and store discounts, each time you take surveys, you’ll have a little more in your pocket book to shop with on Black Friday. Don’t know where to start in your search for online surveys? A reputable online database of survey sites is a great place to find paid survey companies that are completely legit and are waiting to hear what you have to say.

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