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blog sandwich surveySandwiches have come quite a long way since they were fist invented in 1762. The annals of English history have recorded that the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montague, was quite the gambling man and in order to avoid having to step away from the gaming table to refuel, devised a way to eat that did not including sitting down in the dining room with a fork and spoon.

Hence, the birth of meat between two hunks of bread was born and given the eponymous title of the inventor – Sandwich. Instead of the highly preserved meat and stale bread of centuries past, today sandwich lovers enjoy all sorts of fresh and tasty creations. November 3rd of each year, Sandwich Day, is dedicated to honoring the practical and pretty tasty contributions the Earl of Sandwich – the Lord of Lunch if you prefer!

After you bite into your favorite sandwich from a shop, check out the bottom of the receipt to see if the store offers any customer experience surveys. These are usually online surveys or automated phone surveys that ask you to answer simple questions about your visit. Questions on the online survey can include quantitative scales to rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 10 in many areas. One section to rate could ask questions based on freshness of ingredients, taste, innovation of menu items, temperature of food and so on.

Customer service is also another prominent area of interest to sandwich chains when offering surveys online. For example, you might be asked how long you stood in line, the friendliness of the cashier, your order accuracy, and help resolving a problem if you had one. Also, your rating of the physical property is also usually asked to find out if the inside and outside were well maintained, if the bathrooms were clean, if the tables were wiped down and more.  At the end, many of these online surveys about your dining experience will leave room for you to answer more in-depth and subjectively with room for a paragraph or more.

Sometimes these questionnaires can be paid surveys where you’ll actually be mailed a small check. Most often, however, the company will offer in-kind rewards such as free products and coupons to come back and spend in the store. Also, another frequent reward to take surveys is to be entered into a sweepstakes for a large cash prize or exciting trips and merchandise.

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