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Surveys for Senior Citizen’s Day

blog senior paid surveysAugust 21st of each year is “National Senior Citizens Day”, a special time to honor the more “seasoned” population among us. Some times seniors can be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules and this day earmarked for the elderly gives us all the chance to show appreciation for the their contributions to home, family and society. Additionally, if you really sit down and chat with an older, retired person, you’ll quickly realize that they’ve earned their wisdom over the years.

 Major corporations across the country are beginning to shift their focus and cater more to the older generations. The “graying of America” is a documented trend as the large population of Baby Boomers age into their 60s. Not only are we living longer thanks to medial breakthroughs, but older people are retiring earlier and remaining much more active that with the old folks of decades ago. Because so many people are getting a little “long in the tooth”, companies are sitting up and taking notice and figuring out how this can benefit the bottom line.

 One way that product manufacturers and service providers find out what this older population wants and needs is through online surveys. From the comfort of their own homes, senior citizens can provide valuable opinions and insights about current products on the market and those under development. When companies understand what this more mature group of people want to spend their retirement money on for leisure, travel, healthcare, automotive needs and more, they can directly address the demands of their target markets instead of just blindly guessing.

 In addition to having a voice lifted to management’s ears, seniors get other perks from taking paid surveys – namely earning rewards. Depending on which market research firm is conducting the paid online survey, a senior citizen can be compensated with everything from cash and merchandise to valuable discounts and coupons – all are great for supplementing what can sometimes be a limited budget.

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