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Teen Surveys Are So Cool!

blog teen computerWith more that 30 million teenagers in the United States, it’s no wonder why major corporations are looking toward them to make a buck.  Today’s 13 through 19 years olds wield a good deal of clout in the economy, especially if you think of their purchasing power as a collective unit. Teenagers are the ones going to the movies, buying the video games, snapping up the latest must-have gadgets, perhaps even more so than their hard-working allowance-paying parents. Plus many teens have their own part-time jobs and have lots of discretionary income.  If you are a teen or have a teen who would like to make a few extra bucks to pad those baggy-jean pockets, taking online surveys is a great way to get started.

 Many survey sites online are strictly geared for adults aged 18 or older, which may be frustrating for the teen surfing around for an opportunity to take surveys. However, searching free online database that categorize, organize and verify survey sites, a teen can find great surveys meant specifically for his or her age group. Survey Head, Mindfield Online, My Survey, Global Test Market, and Survey Savvy are all good web sites to begin. Sometimes there are even opportunities for pre-teens to take paid surveys under the supervision of an adult. By law, you must be 13 years or older for any entity to collect personally identifiable information. If you are a parent and have any worries about privacy, please click the privacy policy of each survey site.

 In addition to free surveys that often pay cash, teens may also be invited to test out new products and services marketed to this demographic. Savvy companies understand that valuable marketing information in the form of opinions is a great deal in return for mailing out a few free samples. It’s a win-win for everyone – teens get to test out the latest in make-up, athletic shoes, games and more while companies get vital feedback to tweak these products and services to meet market demand.

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