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Three Common Questions About Online Surveys

blog survey What are the demographics requirements for taking online surveys?

 The requirements for each online survey are based on criteria set by the survey administrator. Factors that can influence your selection for participation on a panel can include state or country of residency, age group, educational status, household income and other demographic requirements. If you are not chosen for a paid survey, it is most likely that you do not meet the demographic profile that the client is seeking.  Just hang in there and eventually a good match for you will pop up.

 What equipment do I need to take online surveys?

 You will need a computer with access to the internet to participate in online surveys. If you do not have your own computer, there are options to get around this and still take surveys. You can use a friend or family member’s computer (just make sure to log out and log in with your information) or to visit your local public library.  We’ve even seen laptops with web-access in the waiting rooms of doctors and dentists for the use of their patients while they wait – what better way to use this dead time than by taking an online survey!  Also, some survey sites have their paid surveys online and formatted in such a way that they can be accessed and viewed through your smart phone.

 How will online survey participation affect my computer?

 Of course, you are giving the survey site permission to email you when new projects arise that meet your profile. Make sure that your email account is set up so that these important messages do not go to spam.  Another way that you computer may be affected is that the survey site may want to leave a “cookie” on your computer so that it can recognize you each time you visit. Please visit the privacy policy of each survey site you join to understand this in more detail. Some large survey providers such as Neilson and others may ask for permission to install a program that runs in the background to collect your behaviors on web surfing. Other survey sites, such as Mypoints, may suggest installing a tool bar that lets you interact with their web site in a more efficient manner. Again, because the details of paid surveys vary so much from company to company, it is your responsibility to read the terms of use and privacy policy to understand what you are getting into before taking these paid surveys.

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