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Writing Your Way To Extra Cash

blog book pictureThe entire month of November has been devoted getting recreational writers to pen their first book thanks to National Novel Writing Month. Billed as a seat-of-your-pants experience that encourages 30 days of reckless literary abandon, this fun activity got us thinking about writing (and how it can make you a little bit of money) in general. While you might not be ready to write the great American novel, there are other ways to employ your writing and analysis skills to make a few bucks --- why not try writing book and product reviews or even take online surveys.

 Many major bookstores and retailers offer an online forum for you to post your comments and opinions about the latest, greatest best-seller or an all-time, tried and true classic. Instead of answering the standard scaled questions, reviews give you the opportunity to express your thoughts and opinions in further detail. This is so much more cathartic and satisfying than answering simple “yes” and “no” questions found on many online surveys.

 Writing reviews isn’t just limited to books and literary material. Almost every major online retailer has a web feature where you can post your thoughts about a product and leave a 1 through 5 star rating. From toys and high-tech products to fancy hotels and standard house wares, a person could write a review on almost everything imaginable. Like data collected through online surveys, these reviews and ratings are used by consumers all over the world when trying to decide whether or not to purchase a particular product or service. Your opinions really carry a lot of weight that can influence tomorrow’s demand in the marketplace.

 While you might think that companies would be worried about getting negative reviews, this is not necessarily the case. The format for online reviews can give corporations a chance to see flaws in their products and services and make improvements as a whole as well as address the specific concerns of each individual. To encourage consumers to participate in reviews and related online surveys, companies will often tie-in a chance to win a prize such as a nice prize of cash or a gift card to spend on the web site. While product reviews aren’t exactly like taking paid surveys, they do make a nice complement to your arsenal of ways to make money at home.

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