Cash Surveys

Cash talks and businesses around the world realize your opinions are valuable; that is exactly why they compensate consumers with great money in exchange for honest feedback about products, services and systems.

At Survey Adventure, we have streamlined the process of taking get paid surveys by creating a database of more than a thousand market research organizations, academic institutions and in-house corporate departments that offer various types of surveys.  Each cash survey listed in our ever expanding database has been researched, checked and validated to meet our approval. At Survey Adventure, you can feel confident that your opinions will get the attention they deserve.

Cash surveys are the ideal means to earn extra income in your leisure time. We have stay-at-home moms who take get cash surveys in family chores and college students who fit them in between studying and academic classes. Retirees and senior citizens also find that taking cash surveys is a way to fill spare hour that really pays off. Even full-time employees and those in the job market also take cash surveys and enjoy the benefits of flexibility and monetary incentives. Periodically, some sites that offer cash surveys recruit out children to participate in market research projects on kid-friendly topics such as toys, video games and snack foods. As a rule of thumb, parental approval and guidance is required for these types of cash surveys.

Cash surveys are completed by people from almost every corner of the globe. You can take cash surveys from your sofa, your office desk – even on the go with your handheld wireless device. While some hot markets for research include the United States, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, there are still many other survey sites look for survey takers from other international countries. All that is required to take cash surveys is access to a computer and internet services; occasionally a survey site may require that you have a account in order to receive electronic cash payments.

Most people report receiving a feeling of intrinsic satisfaction by helping both leading and emerging companies improve their products, services and systems just with the power of a voice. In addition from the great feeling of “speaking up”, you’ll enjoy receiving cash incentives just for speaking your mind. The type of incentive given to respondents varies from the survey company to the type of cash survey. From actual cash to money in the form of gift cards and popular merchandise, you’ll be please with the perks for taking cash surveys.  Just as an example, a quick 2-minute survey could net you $2 while participating in a more complex discussion forum could reap you $50, $100 or more. Some survey sites also offer exciting prize draws for large amounts of cash; your entry is usually made automatically upon completion of a cash survey or “screener”.  Most survey sites uncovered at Survey Adventure give you the option of taking as many cash surveys that you qualify for. It makes perfect sense that the more cash surveys you take, the more you’ll get paid!