Get Paid Surveys

Companies around the globe know your opinions are valuable and that is why they are willing to pay good money in exchange for your honest feedback about their products, services and systems.

At Survey Adventure, we have streamlined the process of taking get paid surveys by creating a database of different market research organizations and in-house corporate departments that offer various types of surveys.  Each get paid survey resource in our database has been researched and validated to meet our high standards of quality, so you can rest assured that you sharing you opinions with the best.

Get paid surveys are the perfect way to make supplemental income in your spare time. We have stay-at-home parents who take get paid surveys in between driving car pools, cooking meals and tending to children. College students also enjoy taking get paid surveys that are flexible enough to be completed in between coursework or semester breaks. Retirees, senior citizens, full-time employees looking for extra cash and those in-between jobs are all other types of people who can benefit from the flexibility and monetary incentives of get paid surveys. Occasionally, some get paid survey sites seek out children to participate in market research projects on toys, video games and other areas of interest to kids; of course, parental approval and guidance is required for these get paid surveys.

It really doesn’t matter where you live, get paid surveys are available to take from almost every corner of the globe. Some hot beds for market research include the United States, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, but there are many other survey sites that accept an international clientele. As long as you have access to a computer and internet capability, you should be able to take get paid surveys from your home, office or even a personal hand-held wireless device.

One obvious benefit of taking get paid surveys is the satisfaction you’ll receive from helping both leading and emerging companies improve their products, services and systems. In addition from the great feeling of “speaking up”, you’ll also feel pleased to receive the wide array of incentives offered through get paid surveys. The type of incentive given to respondents varies from the survey company to the type of get paid survey. Incentives can range from honest-to-goodness cash compensation to gift cards and popular prizes. For example, an easy 5-minute survey could net you $5 while participating in a more complex online focus group could line your pockets with $75, $150 or more. Sometimes in lieu of cash payments, many survey sites also offer exciting prize sweepstakes that you are automatically entered in after taking a get-paid survey. Prizes have ranges from whopping amounts of cash to big screen televisions and even cars! The majority of survey sites found through Survey Adventure give you the option of taking as many get paid surveys as you are eligible for; or, if you’d rather, only as few as you care to sign up for. However, it is obvious that the more you take part in get paid surveys, the more you’ll get paid!