Money Surveys

At Survey Adventure, you’ll always find a wide assortment of money surveys to keep you busy and earning extra cash in your free time.

With more than 1,000 legitimate companies that offer surveys in our ever expanding database, we are always searching the web, scouring through professional resources and networking with market research executives to keep our content current. With an up-to-date database, you will have your finger on the most current and lucrative money surveys being offered today.

Joining in marketing research, such as money surveys, at Survey Adventure is an easy way to get paid for your opinions. We’ve never met a person who doesn’t have an opinion to share on some topic or another; communicating your ideas on insights through money surveys keeps corporations, services providers, legislators and other key decision-makers in the know about the state of consumer attitudes and perceptions. Even people who are not outspoken in person will feel safe and secure communicating opinions in the risk-free format of the consumer survey. On money surveys, you can say exactly what you think about various issues without worrying about a potential conflict or unpleasant situation. All types of companies, both large and small, are eager to know what you think about their products and services. You feedback, whether positive or negative, helps executives keep a pulse on consumer opinion and make the necessary improvements and innovations to keep customers happy.

All types of people enjoy taking money surveys from the comfort of their own homes, dorms, offices, and even hand held wireless devices. At Survey Adventure, we have stay-at-home parents who take money surveys in between family chores and college students who take money surveys in between classes and seminars. Retirees also find that taking money surveys is a good way to make their new-found free time interesting and lucrative. Even full-time employees and folks currently unemployed also benefit from the flexibility and monetary incentives provided by the various types of money surveys. From time to time, some money survey sites recruit children to take money surveys on toys, video games and other kid-friendly topics. Parental approval and guidance is always required for these fun money surveys.

Now, let’s talk about the rewards! Companies that offer money surveys always have some sort of incentive as a token of appreciation for participants. Giving money or an “honorarium” is a way that businesses say “thank you” for taking the time to share your opinions and provide valuable feedback. Some serve up reward points that you earn at the completion of money surveys; the amount of points usually is related to the length and complexity of the market research project. These points are collected and then redeemed for various rewards; a popular choice is cash! Some companies skip the point system and provide respondents with cash in hand. Now that is a worthwhile reward!  Sometimes, survey companies will also offer big cash prizes through sweepstakes open to all the participants in the money survey; maybe it will be your lucky day!