New Surveys

At Survey Adventure, you’ll always find new surveys to fill your free time. With more than 1,000 legitimate companies that offer surveys in our growing database, we are continually scouring the Internet, searching through marketing research resources and networking with “in the know” industry professionals to keep our content fresh.

Participating in marketing research, including new surveys, at Survey Adventure is a simple way to get paid for your opinions. Everyone has an opinion on some topic or another and expressing your thoughts on new surveys keeps manufacturers, services providers, legislators and other key decision-makers in the loop about current consumer satisfaction. Even if you are not a “vocal” opinionated person, you will feel safe and secure sharing your thoughts and feelings in the risk-free format known as the “online survey”. Without confrontation, you can say exactly what you think about various issues without feeling stress or fear of retribution. Client companies sincerely want to know exactly what think about their products and services and always treat your feedback, whether good or bad, with respect. Of course, companies are happy to hear you positive feedback on all the things they are doing right!

Some survey companies, especially those that conduct market research for many different businesses, offer new surveys everyday or every week and will keep you very busy in your free time. Other companies, especially those with in-house marketing departments that are administrating their own paid surveys, may only have new surveys monthly or quarterly based on their marketing research needs. When you sign up for a variety of survey sites through Survey Adventure, you help increase your chances of being notified of more new surveys than if you only register at one survey site. Basically, the more paid surveys you take, the more rewards you are going to earn.

And that leads us to the rewards! Most companies that offer new surveys offer some type of reward system. Some serve up reward points, often with cute names, that you earn for completing an online survey; the amount of points usually is directly correlated to how long or complex the new survey is considered. As the points in your account accrue, you can redeem them for various rewards such as gifts certificates to your favorite store, premium gifts, the company’s merchandise or services, and sometimes even cash! Some companies may skip the points in lieu of giving their respondents out-and-out cash! Now that is a worthwhile reward.  Often, in addition or instead of these rewards, some survey companies will give you entries into sweepstakes for big-ticket prizes or cash. Often, you will be entered into a monthly prize for cash or prizes as a sort of consolation prize for not being chosen to participate in new surveys (through a screener). In this case, the survey companies want to make sure that you feel appreciated and will remain open to taking paid online surveys in the future.