How Survey Adventure Works

This is our quick start guide to taking online surveys for profit. Just follow these simple steps and you will be taking exciting surveys in minutes and earning some serious income for your time and valuable opinions.

Follow these 5 simple steps to start taking paid surveys!

1. Sign Up for Survey Adventure

Sign up for Survey Adventure on the Home page & click on the Get Started Now button. (your information is confidential and is used to match you to the best paid surveys)

2. Complete Demographics Information

Complete the demographics information on page 2 and then click on the Free Instant Access button.

3. Sign Up to take Surveys with 3 Main Survey Companies

Sign up for the 3 recommended paid survey sites on page 3. Each survey site will open in a new window. Complete then registration process for each of the 3 survey sites and then return to Survey Adventure and click the Continue button.

4. Register with 5-10 Survey Companies

Continue to register with survey companies on page 4. Register with an additional 5-10 survey companies right away. This will maximize your first day survey opportunities. You should be able to make over $50 today just by registering with 15-20 survey companies. You will then start to receive several paid surveys delivered directly to your email every day. Complete the surveys you want for cash and prizes.

5. Survey Adventure Confirmation Email

You will receive a welcome email from Survey Adventure as soon as you sign up. Save this email because it will give you special access to Survey Adventure and allow you to view our complete list of over 600 market research firms and paid survey opportunities.